academician said: surgeon digging meat physician poisoned the patient died of cancer cells alive!

recently, the famous digestive disease experts, the chinese academy of engineering fan yiming academician made a entitled"him"to the new era of medical development,"the keynote speech, attracted the scene bursts of applause.

looking at these years, fan academician on a variety of occasions, such as last year's people's daily, health times hosted the ninth session of the health china forum, talked about a lot of views, causing great concern in the industry.

take a look at the views of fan's scholar in different occasions in recent years.

"//"/> chinese medicine:the head is the soviet union, the body is europe and the united states, two feet of chinese medicine!

what does chinese medicine look like now? head is the soviet union, the body is europe and the united states, two feet are chinese medicine.①

there are three levels of medicine:true, good, beautiful! what is the most simple;

good-the doctor's care of the patient, the patient respect for the doctor;

beauty-to treat medicine as art to enjoy.

there is a phd from harvard university, let him go to the consultation, the result he said he studied abroad in a molecular structure, the patient actually did not! the traditional physiology has been rapidly shaky, the classic pathology has been rapidly collapsed, internal medicine and major surgery ceased to exist, the doctor from the patient farther and farther, the benevolent relationship has now become an enemy.does this medical system change it? western medicine is not good, they look for chinese medicine, chinese medicine is not good that chinese not.there is a patient to see chinese medicine, diagnosis of pancreatic cancer late.i said, chinese medicine even the concept of the pancreas are not, how have pancreatic cancer?

when i was 20 years old, 100 cold patients i can all be cured, in fact, i can not own it! now is someone else governance called me to rule, i also cure, what is the academician, is a more and more people who cure the disease! is the academician!

2.a doctor who can handle exceptions and accidents is a good doctor, and the rest is followed by meals!

what is a good doctor? is able to deal with exceptions and accidents doctors are good doctors, the rest are followed by eating.②

we use the scientific consensus to form a guide, but not overly general.we now have a doctor to guide you to see a doctor, so you have to be particularly careful.

what is the guide, the guide is the old doctor summed up, can only cover 80%, there are 20% covered.and now we are china's guide 4% of the chinese people's material, 96% is copied from foreigners, foreigners eat lamb, drink wine and we can do the same? now the guidelines are to 8 version, i said 7 version can be, he said 7 version is wrong, 6 version is wrong, 5 version is wrong, 1 version is wrong, then you always take a wrong guide to see the disease ok? digging meat, physician poisoning, radiotherapy the doctor died...the last patient died, cancer cells are still alive!

now the treatment of cancer are to kill cancer cells for the purpose of how to kill:surgeon digging meat, physician poison, radiotherapy doctors electric, are to kill cancer cells the lord 's.finally cancer cells alive, the patient is dead! we all want cancer cells to die, people alive! do not grasp the main symptoms, headache, foot pain, more than 20 disciplines doctors say nothing to do with their own departments, so are gone, i can only call the patient up, why the say you are not sick, you lie here gansha?

now there are several digestive department of the doctors dare to heart surgery to rescue the patient, there are several cardiac dare to breathe rescue patients? can only save their own, the patient said:"you are not my", the patient said:"who am i who?" a cardiovascular more than 200 kinds of drugs, more than 1,000 kinds of oncology, the more drugs, the more that no good medicine!

now a cardiovascular department of more than 200 kinds of drugs, more than 1,000 kinds of oncology, more drugs, the more that there is no good medicine, a good medicine on it.① all doctors have to see a doctor, say from their own point of view this medicine, although every angle is right, but together with the patient's liver can not stand.huoxiangzhengqi solution also has an effect, the summer is coming, the baby is easy to grow prickly heat, if the prickly heat powder useless, then drip two drops of huoxiangzhengqi liquid in the bath water inside a wash, prickly heat will disappear , baby said shuangwaiwai, you control what is his mechanism, as long as the useful on the line.

5.people's disease, one-third of the dead or good, one-third of the rule like, one-third of the rule is not good.

here i want to correct a doctor and patient error, the doctor said:sick to rule; the patient said:the disease is cured.this is the wrong drop! people's disease, one-third of the dead or good, one-third of the rule like, one-third of governance is not good.such as the most common cold, cold is we cured? all the rush is not good.human 7000 kinds of rare diseases, to now is myrrh can cure, can only terminate the pregnancy.such as cancer accounted for 1/4 of the death of mankind, a lot of governance as if not dead ②

medical only a few thousand years, human beings have millions of years, that before people do not have medicine how come? are animals have a doctor? only a pet has a doctor.have you seen a tiger running with a kits?

there is a kind of ability called self-healing power, but after medical treatment, the body's self-healing power dropped significantly, a small wound must fester ah, have to use antibiotics, ah, one day no human can rule.people are always dying, people are old and dead, others are ill, but we still have to rule.people save a lifetime of money, are spent the last six months.

6.i was born high blood sugar, but i just do not drop the sugar!

data can explain a disease? for example, when i was a child of blood sugar is always 7mmol/l, they said 6mmol/l or more is high blood sugar, i do not drop.because when i was a soldier is 7mmol/l, my mother to the well, then fortunately do not check blood sugar, or the people's liberation army lost a general, i have been so high, the other is normal, i do not drop, now everyone are high, that 7mmol/l normal, i finally returned to normal.①

acupuncture can not find the meridian is unreasonable? if the meridian is the electronic flow, ion flow how to see? if the meridian is alive, dead no gone, how to see? if this meridian instantly formed, once completed disappeared, how do you think? there is always one of these three theories is correct, maybe three are correct. complex data, how much data.which is more real, who is not good to say!

now, the earth changes too fast, there are many medical problems, we can not find the reason.for example, about 1/5 of the world's women of childbearing age can not give birth, you check that the fallopian tubes are open, everything is normal, the lover is often at home, but she is unable to give birth.what reason, do not know.

we now often eat"foreign eggs","foreign eggs"and"soil eggs"compared to a larger, egg yolk relatively large, and some also double yellow, egg yolk, egg white less.

do you know what characteristics of tumor cells do? children are relatively large, the nucleus is relatively large, imbalance in the proportion of cytoplasm.are you talking about foreign chicken? it risked, for everyone down one after another cancer cells, you eat, or do not eat it? ① a person has tens of thousands of cells, a cell has thousands of molecules, every time a dynamic change occurs, so the composition of the data, how much? so i made a poem:data complex data, how much data.which is more real, who is not good to say!

8 people have regular, 12 points also work overtime, it is murder ah!

what things are regular, people are the whole, not open days, one is natural, one is the society, people can not do without nature.cold day plus a few clothes, hot days off a few pieces of clothes, the opposite of it, eat no matter how good the drugs are useless.people inhaled is oxygen, exhaled carbon dioxide, and the tree is just the opposite, breathing is carbon dioxide, exhaled is oxygen, you cut the trees are light, and suck pm2.5 ok? ②

not only this is the case, the plant is like this:sunflowers around the sun, mimosa daytime, open at night, or else shy.whether it is the willow of xi'an, or the willow of beijing are march sprout, you have no red head of the file, you have no leadership speech, the world's deep-sea fish are those days went to the yangtze river breeding spawning, no internet notice ah.

24 hours of people, 12 hours are changing, 12:00 is noon, the strongest vitality, we brought to sleep.12 pm the worst vitality, the dead most.

when i was a resident, i said that i had eaten my night meal at 12 o'clock and that i was on duty.lead 12 points to sleep, let us work overtime, that is to our early death ah.

why is there some cure for the tumor, some governance is not good? because the tumor cells open and close several times a day, the normal cells are also opened several times a day, but not you say that your injection is just in the normal cell to open when playing, it is not a murder?

references:① pharmaceutical herald"fan dai ming passion speech:thousands of doctors can not stop", ② health times ninth health china forum.

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