female college students lower body bleeding collapsed in the emergency room doctor on the operating table scared leg soft!

6 o'clock in the evening, the hospital admitted a woman, age is not, just 20 early.the patient sitting in the emergency room, she was pale, apathetic, almost exhausted all the strength to speak of their own symptoms, menstrual cessation, abdominal pain, lower body bleeding...

before you finish, she fell in front of the doctor.

this situation makes the doctor frightened, called the nurse together quickly helped her, ready to diagnose and carry out surgery.

because the symptoms are too typical, the diagnosis is also clear, ectopic pregnancy.but more important than the diagnosis is to race with death.every second of the mistakes, are likely to lead to irrecoverable death.many people are not familiar with ectopic pregnancy, it is common gynecological obstruction, the incidence rate of about 2%, is one of the causes of maternal death.

ectopic pregnancy is horrified because it can lead to severe hemorrhagic shock, because bleeding, patients often sudden syncope.so when the doctor heard the young girl suffering from the time of ectopic pregnancy when the young girl is suffering from the time of the ectopic pregnancy., can not leg some soft, because a little fix, this young life may be terminated.

treatment of ectopic pregnancy, like a demolition of a regular bomb in general, the doctor hanging heart has been stopped.

sure enough, the situation continued during surgery.

doctors in the course of surgery found that patients with ectopic pregnancy is not so simple, but has been ruptured, and accompanied by severe bleeding, active in the operating room for four hours, the situation is still critical , in order to keep the patient's life, decided to remove the bilateral fallopian tubes, which means she will lose the chance of pregnancy.

after four hours of intense surgery, the patient is temporarily safe, and then she was sent to the intensive care unit and continued to observe and treat closely.

wait until the patient wakes up, the doctor learned that the patient named xiaoling, is a junior student, childhood lack of father love she talked about a boyfriend in college.she hopes her boyfriend can give her spiritual comfort and care, so she is very good boyfriend, afraid to lose him.

but these three years, her boyfriend has let xiao ling abortion 4 times, and this time, but it is ectopic pregnancy, so that the fragile fragrance of the body and worse.

is it too crazy to love yourself, or do not care for their own body too much?

after the end of the matter, the doctor revealed that men are now love, not married a lot, love is good, but do not pay attention to measures is abnormal damage to the body, which will not only cause women to promote ectopic pregnancy , but also cause cervical cancer and other major diseases.

ectopic pregnancy(ectopic pregnancy) has always been one of the gynecological obstruction.

ectopic pregnancy with tubal pregnancy is the most common, about 95% of ectopic pregnancy, which is due to fallopian tube inflammation, tubal pregnancy history or surgical history, fallopian tube dysplasia or dysfunction, and even assisted reproductive technology, oral emergency contraceptive failure may lead to the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.treatment of ectopic pregnancy, including drugs and surgery two methods, if found very early and timely, ectopic pregnancy and no bleeding, this time can be considered conservative treatment of drugs, if the rupture has led to severe bleeding, surgery is the only way to save lives.but the surgery is divided into two kinds of conservative and radical, if the situation is critical, it is possible to remove the fallopian tube, if bilateral resection, then the patient will lose the chance of pregnancy.therefore, women usually have to self-cleaning self-love, and actively prevent all kinds of gynecology.


first, improve the body immunity

improved immunity, help prevent disease, you can start from the diet.dandelion has a significant anti-inflammatory activity.dandelion extract on the telangiectasia and hyperthyroidism, edema, fibrous tissue proliferation and other inhibition, with significant anti-inflammatory activity in vivo.and, dandelion has a"natural antibiotic"reputation, clinically used in anti-infective treatment.with dandelion soaked in water, there is no side effects of western medicine.

rose temperature, can be reconciled with dandelion cold, so with dandelion tea with, can make the nature of dandelion tea mild, suitable for body cold or weak spleen and stomach to take.mushrooms:mushrooms can promote the infection of white blood cells.

for a long time, people put mushrooms as a food to improve immunity.eat mushrooms can promote the production and activities of white blood cells, so that they are more preventive.propolis:propolis can improve the ability of human macrophages to swallow the virus, bacteria, so that the body's immune system is in the best balance of dynamic balance, known as the"natural immune enhancer."

like to wear tight pants, especially tight jeans, but this kind of pants will be wrapped in private parts tightly, poor ventilation, it is easy to produce odor.in addition, tight jeans because the fabric is rough, easy to rub private parts, so that private parts were injured, inflammation.therefore, it is recommended that you try to wear tight pants.

survey shows that premature relationship between women suffering from cervical cancer is the probability that those who are over the age of 25 to end the girl's body ten times.

girls' cervical tissue cells are not yet mature, relatively weak, sensitive to carcinogenic and carcinogenic substances, if the partner is a cancer cell carriers, it is easy to exercise through cancer cells in the girls not yet mature on the cervix.some gynecological diseases can also cause inflammation, mutation, so female friends must regularly check the gynecological, but also to early detection of disease, early treatment, strengthen the self(paternity)


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