why is the cancer man? a reflection and perception from a cancer patient

wait for me long hair and waist, you marry me ok? this is the blooming season, life has just started, but came to an end, 23 years old, i lost a lifetime of happiness.

i, 23 years old, a senior graduate, have a 3 years of boyfriend, the intention to graduate after marriage, can be fate is so unfair, but found out of breast cancer.yes, breast cancer, so that all women are very afraid of malignant tumors.

the most intuitive effect of illness is the change and twist of the whole life trajectory.

all the previous efforts, all the good vision and plans will be in vain.i was crumbled and awake, and i told my boyfriend the first time, because he would be the man who was with me.he must have the right know.but let me sad is that when her boyfriend heard this thing, his attitude has undergone a subtle change.rarely again about our future planning, began to become cold, alienated.

for her boyfriend's attitude, i do not blame him.in other words, unmarried men unmarried, just talk about a friend, why give yourself back so much pressure.sometimes thinking, the so-called school, love, career, family all the everything, have nothing to do with me, i was just lying on the operating table to be slaughtered lamb.as juan wrote:"in the critical point of life and death, you will find that any overtime, give yourself too much pressure to buy a house to buy the car, these are clouds.""fame and fortune, not the same is not hard, but not the same can be brought."

in addition to surgery, chemotherapy, re-operation, re-chemotherapy......over and over again the treatment of the body emptied, after receiving 20 chemotherapy, i have been weak even the strength to sit up......i have been asking myself a question, why the cancer will be me!

words are good, young is capital.because young, free squandered.stay up all night reading, playing games, chasing tv.k song, internet, chat, and even a daze, the basic daily stay up to 1:00 am.long stay up late for chronic suicide.with western medicine to explain the words, stay up all night directly against the liver.stay up all night, the body's blood is supplied to the brain, visceral blood supply will be reduced accordingly, leading to liver hypoxia, the long run, it will cause damage to the liver.so stay up all night is a matter of god and anger, to me as a warning, do not stay up all night, big things tomorrow to do it

overeating, addicted to meat like life

i love to eat meat, yes.i like the feeling of big chunk, every meal must have meat, belong to the kind of meat without huai.my appetite is also a reputation outside, a meal can eat a dish of meat.can not vegetables, but can not be no meat.however, after the cancer, from the health point of view, long-term diet of high-fat high-protein foods, especially red meat, will increase the risk of cancer.emotional mood, often irritable

emotions can affect the human endocrine, endocrine disorders can cause a variety of diseases.learn to control emotions, do not be easy to violence irritability.life is short, angry day is one day, why not happy heart.no one is worth your grumpy, only you are the most precious.

, radiotherapy, re-operation, re-chemotherapy, and then radiotherapy........i do not deny the role of western medicine treatment, but for cancer patients, over-treatment will only let it into a desperate, like a tumor doctor there is always a few wrong cases, what they say is easy, but for cancer patients, this is a price to pay the dead.i have done 20 chemotherapy, do not have a little effort, but i do not want to be a miscarriage of justice in a case, do not want to pay for these over-treatment.

since i have learned chinese medicine, so the effect of the efficacy of chinese medicine is also convinced.chinese medicine to talk about dialectical treatment, to support for the first, and then anti-disease.chemotherapy side effects, is the need for chinese medicine support, i tried a variety of chinese medicine side, tell the truth there is a certain improvement.chinese medicine to raise anti-disease is a long process, since the choice of chinese medicine, then please adhere to believe that we are profound and profound chinese medicine.

for me, perhaps life is tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, perhaps after n days will come to an end, had a good day, and line and cherish! tribute yourself! tribute to the majority of anti-cancer patients!

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