emergency department doctors tell you with painful cases: these years we look down on high blood pressure

-li wenqi/text luoyang city hospital emergency department


"mom, do you see this blood pressure and high, and can not remember how to take medicine"


this is my home the most real scene, although each argument is due to my weight, to my mother"to"and the end, but the hidden flames have never been eradicated.

i will always see those examples of work to my mother, tell her how terrible high blood pressure, with age, more and more vulnerable blood vessels can hold high blood pressure the attack and now, more and more young people are also high blood pressure tear blood vessels, take away life.

this is a 36-year-old fashionable girl with eyebrows, eyeliner and lips , because of friends birthday party away ktv singing, is playing with fun, she suddenly fell to the ground, while vomiting with alcohol and food mixture, her friends immediately call 120, ct results in the"cerebral hemorrhage, hernia"words very dazzling, because the family refused to surgery, she was admitted to the eicu.although the expert consultation, to give the application of the most accurate treatment and the most comprehensive care measures, the daily recorder in the cycle of her husband and the child's true call, she left, with her husband and daughter's dismay and pain left the

that is a 57-year-old middle-aged man, because of sudden obstruction at home by ambulance access to our hospital, head ct showed"brain stem bleeding", although only the tip size, but also people shudder, his wife did not agree to surgery, therefore, on the 2nd bed with his mark.positive treatment, his consciousness gradually improved, the thought that the bad luck may miss this ordinary family, but sudden bleeding again, is still brain stem, is still a very small amount......when his breathing can not meet their weak cells the need for tracheal intubation after the ventilator used, the"big man"like a guard, standing on his bed, for his life to provide infinite possibilities.he was very strong, and gradually opened his eyes and can match the command of the right side of the limbs are clear the power of life, and later, he first out of the ventilator, and later gradually be able to swallow their own eating......this is really better , is the disease was completely defeated it! although the left side of the limb hemiplegia, but also a miracle of life, the future rehabilitation exercise will help him slowly stand up! recent days, cerebral hemorrhage seems to be in the revenge of people's ignorance, one time..

times playing with the life of all ages.sometimes when we bring the first aid kit to the scene, jet-like vomiting and 200/100mmhg blood pressure are exudes a dangerous signal.up to the age of more than seventy years old, the family always sigh old man life has not yet enjoy lying on the bed, down to thirty years old is the best pillar of the good age, relatives always distressed him(her) white-haired parents and have not yet sensible the child.guard room white bed sheets clean and flat, witnessed a life and death of the struggle, we make every effort to retain the integrity of life, when he(her) in the hope of improvement, pulling the heart slowly put down when he(her) in the effort after the fall, it felt like a heart was thrown on the ground severely crushed.

through a sad story, always see the source of the outbreak of tragedy, these years, we look down on the high blood pressure...

"he(her) high blood pressure for many years , let him take medicine but never eat on time, often do not eat."this is asking history, the family painful to tell, different patients, but almost all the same answer.hypertension so much, caused by high blood pressure, but not so much cerebral hemorrhage.in fact, it is not lucky and unfortunate division, but some laissez-faire, some people are in control, laissez-faire of the results of the burst when the out of control, the result of control is another scene, life in the grip, live well.blood vessels like rubber bands, are flexible, but not infinite elasticity, rubber band pull too tight will be broken, the blood vessels are the same, when you give up care of their own blood vessels, to give blood vessels can not afford the pressure, the blood vessels on will at the same time give up on you.

so what about high blood pressure?

(3) to quit smoking;

(4) psychological balance;

(5) self-management;

a reasonable diet

1.diet for the importance of hypertension:people to food for the day, a reasonable diet can make you not fat nor thin, low cholesterol not low.

suitable foods-rice, porridge, noodles, noodles , gefen, soup, taro, soft beans.

should avoid the food---sweet potato(produce abdominal food), dry beans, sauvignon of the cookie class.

eggs, milk, dairy products(fresh cream, yeast milk, ice cream, cheese), soy products(tofu, natto, soy flour, oil tofu)


③ fatty foods

suitable foods-vegetable oils, small amounts of cream, salads, pork, pork, butter, bacon, oil sands

vitamin, mineral food

suitable food-(apple, orange, pear, grape, watermelon)

seaweed, fungi should be cooked(vegetables, vegetables, peas, cabbage, eggplant, cucumber)(burdock, bamboo shoots, beans)

irritant strong vegetables(spicy vegetables, mango, mustard, onions, mustard)

other foods

suitable food---light incense tea, yeast milk drink

should be avoiding food-spice(chilli, curry powder)

alcoholic drinks, salt baptist food p>

pickles, coffee

3 hypertension should pay attention to the diet

① first to control the energy intake, to promote eating complex carbohydrates, such as starch, corn, eat less glucose, fructose and sugar, such sugar is a single sugar, easy to cause elevated blood lipids.

② limit the intake of fat.cooking, the choice of vegetable oil, eat fish, unsaturated fatty acids, can oxidize cholesterol, thereby reducing plasma cholesterol, but also to extend the platelet aggregation, inhibition of thrombosis, to prevent stroke, but also contains more linoleic acid, to increase microvascular flexibility, to prevent vascular rupture, to prevent high blood pressure complications of a certain role.

③ appropriate intake of protein.hypertensive patients daily protein dosage per kilogram of body weight is appropriate.2-3 times a week to eat fish protein, can improve blood vessels elasticity and permeability, increased urinary sodium excretion, thereby reducing blood pressure, such as hypertension combined with renal insufficiency should be limited to the intake of protein.

④ eat more potassium, calcium rich and low sodium foods, such as potatoes, eggplant, kelp, lettuce.high calcium foods:milk, yogurt, shrimp.eat less meat soup class, because the broth in the nitrogen extract increased, can promote the body to increase uric acid, increase the heart, liver, kidney burden.

limit salt intake:daily should gradually to less than 6g, that is, ordinary beer cover to remove the pad, a flat cover of salt is about 6g.this amount refers to the amount of salt, including cooking salt and other foods contained in the total amount of sodium salt.appropriate reduction of sodium intake can help reduce blood pressure, reduce the body's sodium and water retention.

⑥ more fresh vegetables, fruit.eat fresh vegetables every day not less than 8 two, fruit 2 to 4 two.

appropriate increase in seafood intake:such as kelp, seaweed, seafood fish


the right amount of exercise

the importance of exercise to high blood pressure:there is a saying:"young, with health in exchange for money, old age, with exercise for health."can promote blood circulation, reduce the generation of cholesterol, and can enhance the muscle, bone and joint stiffness occurs.exercise can increase appetite, promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation, improve sleep.there is a habit of continuous exercise:it is best to do aerobic exercise, will help.aerobic exercise can reduce blood pressure as well as weight loss, such as walking, jogging, tai chi, cycling and swimming are aerobic exercise.

1, the movement of the note:

do not excessive or too tired too tired to take a step by step to increase the amount of activity.

note the surrounding environment climate:summer:to avoid the sun at high no time; winter:pay attention to warm, anti-stroke.

③ wearing comfortable sweat clothes:election cotton clothing, sports shoes, etc.is necessary.

④ choose a safe place:such as parks, schools, not in the roadway, roadside.

⑤ exercise, not fasting, in order to avoid hypoglycemia, should be 2 hours after a meal.

2, campaign contraindications

① sick or uncomfortable should stop the movement

② hungry or one hour after a meal should not do exercise

smoking can cause high blood pressure.studies have shown that smoking a smoking heart rate increased by 5-20 times per minute/min, systolic blood pressure increased by 10-25mmhg.why is this? because the tobacco contains nicotine(nicotine) will excite the central nervous system and sympathetic nerve, so that heart rate, but also to promote the release of a large number of adrenal catecholamines, so that small arterial contraction, leading to increased blood pressure.nicotine also stimulates the chemical receptors within the blood vessels, reflexively causing high blood pressure.long-term large number of smoking will also promote atherosclerosis, small arterial intima gradually thickening, so that the entire blood vessels gradually hardening.at the same time as a result of smokers blood carbon monoxide hemoglobin content increased, thereby reducing the blood oxygen content, the arterial intimal hypoxia, arterial wall oxygen increased oxygen content, accelerated the formation of atherosclerosis.therefore, people who do not have high blood pressure can prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure, people who have high blood pressure should quit smoking.

compared with smoking, drinking on the pros and cons of the body there is controversy.from time to time there are a variety of reports, and some say a small amount of wine to drink useful, and some say harmful, but it is certain that a large number of drinking is certainly harmful, high concentrations of alcohol can lead to arteriosclerosis, increased blood pressure.

four heart balance of hypertensive patients with psychological performance is tense, irritability, emotional instability, which are also caused by increased blood pressure incentives.patients can change their behavior by changing their own behavior, cultivate good adaptability to the natural environment and society, avoid emotional and excessive tension, anxiety, fail to calm, calm; when there is greater mental stress should try to release to friends , relatives pouring or encouraging to participate in relaxed and happy amateur activities, the spirit poured into the music or sentiment in the flowers, so that their lives in the best state, so as to maintain a stable blood pressure.


2, the treatment of hypertension should adhere to the"three heart", that is, confidence, determination, perseverance, only to do so to prevent or delay the body organs are damaged.3, regular use of antihypertensive drugs, their own free to reduce or withdrawal, can be under the guidance of the doctor and the disease is added to adjust to prevent blood pressure rebound.

4, conditions permit, can be equipped with sphygmomanometer and learn self-test blood pressure.

5, with the appropriate medication, but also pay attention to work and rest, pay attention to diet, proper exercise, to maintain emotional stability, adequate sleep.6, the elderly can not exercise too much blood pressure, blood pressure should be controlled at 140-159mmhg appropriate, to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications.

7, the elderly and taking norepinephrine neuroendocrine blocking drugs to prevent orthostatic hypotension.

6 on time medical treatment

serving drugs appear blood pressure rise or too low, blood pressure fluctuations, vertigo, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, depending on the material is unclear, hemiplegia, aphasia, consciousness obstruction, difficulty breathing, limb weakness, etc.immediately hospital for medical treatment.

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