longevity of the three tips so simple you do not want to do

"eat the monk meat, you can live forever."-do not eat durian crisp

on longevity of this issue, it can be said that the eternal topic of the past, in fact, only need three points can be longevity effect, regardless of you is the old and the elderly, or young guy, should be your own body heart.

do not eat durian crisp has been simple and concise for everyone to share knowledge, then the longevity of the three secret is simple:drink plenty of water, sleep more, more walking.

how about? is it a very simple one? but as i said, the real sense of doing these points, and how much?

so xiaobian here to remind you, for their own and family health, must drink plenty of water, sleep more, more exercise oh

drink plenty of water

articles, do not love durian crisp for everyone to the details of the results of the water for the benefits of the human body, and how to drink the right.

is a state of lack of water, a night of metabolism need to have external force to help excretion, and a cup of warm water is the best choice.he can be with the body functioning of the water will be the body of the dirty things excluded from the body.this is not just the theory of chinese medicine, western medicine is also the experimental results.

the last article also stressed that there is another point:the first cup of water in the morning after brushing the best drink, the specific reason not to go into here, xiao bian has always been the pursuit of simple content.

constipation is because the stool in the large intestine stay too long, its moisture content is a lot of evaporation, absorption, so that the stool becomes difficult to discharge.to defecation, first of all to make the intestine can make the stool softened water.therefore, drinking water should pay attention to skills.

but need to pay attention:remember cattle drink, can not overeating, big mouth water is enough, all have degrees, too hurt!

    < p> stroke:before going to bed, drink a glass of water at night(for high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis)

ischemic cerebral infarction caused by stroke accounted for more than half of acute cerebrovascular disease, especially in the elderly mostly, and often occurs at night.do not drink plenty of water and nocturia in the elderly if the bed and the middle of the night to drink a cup of warm water, can reduce blood viscosity, to a large extent to prevent and reduce the occurrence of ischemic stroke.

more sleep

sibu not as sleep."sleep is the world's first big cover."my life regain sleep on the first place, people and animals only sleep before the growth, sleep help the stomach to digest food, so sleep is the first big health, people one night do not sleep, the loss of a hundred days is also difficult to restore."

how to sleep only make up?

point~ 1 point) to sleep.chinese medicine that chi sheng sheng sleep(sleep), yang sheng sheng wu(wake up).while the child is the weakest yang, chi the most sheng, this time to sleep, the most yin, sleep quality is also the best.

it's best to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to help get angry.if you sleep late the night before, as early as 5 o'clock before, you can add a nap during the day."sleep as a bow"can reduce the force of the earth on the human body, people feel relaxed and comfortable.as the body's heart more on the left side of the body, to the right side of the bedroom can reduce the pressure on the heart.

people to rest, the spleen and stomach also need to rest, eat dinner will increase the burden of spleen and stomach, disturb the spleen and stomach yang, thus affecting sleep.therefore, the dinner should eat seven or eight full, and try to light, to care for the spleen and stomach qingyang of the gas.

2, but moving:before going to bed should not be strenuous exercise and disturb the yang, including watching tv before going to bed, talking and chatting and other disturbing heart yang activities.and television, audio and other electrical radiation itself will interfere with the body's autonomy.therefore, half an hour before going to bed should not do strenuous exercise, watching tv, chat and so on.

3, but thinking:spleen thinking, think more spleen, and think more disturbed mind.thinking, moving for the sun, static, sleep for the yin.therefore, before going to bed should be quiet mind, so that"sleep in the first sleep after the eyes,"help yang into the yin to help sleep.4 points, but points:11 pm after the gall bladder open air, people are easy to sleep and sleep, and easy to dissipate the liver and gallbladder of the gas, to induce evils into the body.so the best at 21 o'clock, the latest not to sleep more than 22:30.

5, not the wind:the wind for the beginning of all diseases, pervasive sleep at night to open the window, open air conditioning, etc.will be blowing defensive body care table yang, after blowing yang regeneration, regeneration and later was blown away, so the night will be the people of the yang dig dry, the next day instead more tired.so before going to bed should be closed doors and windows and air conditioning to protect the surface of the yang.

more walking

world health organization identified as"the world's best sport", many countries of the heart associations and experts are recommended, has become the world's most popular health care campaign.

whether men, women and children, and when to start the sport is not late.a number of authoritative research found that adhere to every day brisk walking, can effectively fight diabetes, reduce stroke, prevent dementia and so on.university of loughborough, uk study also found that every day brisk walking can improve immunity, so that the risk of cold by 30%.

for menopausal women, the role of fast walking health care is more obvious, after menopause, women suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia will gradually increase the chance.harvard university study found that middle-aged women go fast every day 45 minutes to 1 hour, the risk of wind can be reduced by 40%.

most people go fast, feeling a little asthma, the body sweating, it shows that the amount of exercise standards.some people like to walk back to walk, so the value of walking is almost zero, the correct posture should be chest up, abdomen mention hip, curved arm swing.it should be noted that patients with hypoglycemia when walking fast with the best candy, to prevent hypoglycemia accident.in the 1970s, when some track and field athletes were injured, the body was treated by this method.

resume practice.later, there are sports experts pointed out that the inverted is actually a very good way to exercise.

dropping can exercise usually rarely used in the waist and back muscles, balance the effect of exercise.for sedentary people, through the inverted can effectively relieve physical fatigue and back pain pain.

the elderly body function degradation, balance capacity decline, in the back, because you can not see the rear road conditions, it is likely to fall, bump and other dangerous.in addition, the elderly legs are not flexible, can not go too fast, so the exercise intensity is very small, for the role of cardiopulmonary exercise is very small, from the fitness effect is very economical.therefore, the elderly try not to go away.

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