do not do the big taboo in your husband and wife

there are some health taboos in the couple's life, and for both health, do not violate these taboos.

1, can not be constraved xie(shrink xie is not to sj , deliberately use the artificial way to stop sj, in order to achieve the purpose of extending the time of the couple).

2, fatigue can not be excessive.

3, drink can not, serve all kinds of drugs are not.

4, just after dinner and fasting can not be.

5, great sadness, furious and other mood swings can not be large.

6, to travel before the trip can not be.

7, just a bath can not(at this time fatigue and pores open, easy to cause damage).

8, thunderstorm days, windy days, big hot days can not, wild can not.9, the disease and the beginning of the disease can not be(bones and feet injury, good still need to quit for 170 days, the beginning of illness should be quit after a year, or easily lead to recurrence of the disease, so that death).10, his wife during pregnancy and lactation can not(after pregnancy to pay once), and/, the baby once again, the thickness of the body once a month, the production is difficult once.pregnant for a long time if pay, or cause abortion, and with the injury.), otherwise the child is weak and sick.

11, women's menstrual period is not.

12, after the room can not immediately take a bath(especially bogey cold water), can not drink cold, can not open fan, air conditioning(air conditioning), winter can not take the wind, guilty of the disease, , female milk, severe limbs cold, belly pain and death.remember.

13, no more than once a night.morning can not, this time yang newborn, it is recharge your batteries, do as one hundred, very wounded.

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