year old guy lower body pain suddenly collapsed in the emergency room after the doctor rescued the dumbfounding! me...a young guy walked into the emergency room.

he looks poor in spirit.

the voice of the almost pleading, but also let the doctor confused frowned, how was he?

i want to finish......finished......i have not married......guy panic, and finally, even the sound has become some choked, and this makes the doctor more puzzled.

soon, in the doctor's inquiry, the guy said the truth, everything from ten days ago.

because of his lower body pain, he kept the family went to a private hospital for treatment, made some checks, the doctor told him that he suffered from the disease is very bad, clinically belong to acute epididymitis.

the so-called acute epididymitis is a non-specific epididymis infection, mostly due to posterior urethritis, prostatitis and other retrograde infection caused by blood infection rare.pathogens to escherichia coli and staphylococci are common, common in young people, urethral stricture, improper use of urethral devices, bladder and prostate catheter after surgery, often cause epididymitis occur.followed by the lymphatic route, blood infection is the most rare.

after the diagnosis, the doctor for the infants were infusion treatment, but the treatment for nearly ten days, the guy's condition but did not improve.

at this point, 27-year-old young man anxious, ask the doctor there is no better way.

the results of a doctor came, it is not directly cut it!

this young guy scared to choke, and quickly out of the hospital.

after returning home, think of the doctor said, and their symptoms of pain and did not ease, really thought to have died of disease, little tea does not think rice is not fragrant, coupled with the spirit of extreme tension, people will haggard down.

in his words, it is like a year.

no way, guy had to come to the hospital again, through the examination, the doctor found that private hospital said acute epididymitis is true, by asking history, it is likely to urinary tract infection retrograde cause

just open the guy's past medication records, but it is a mess of some things , regular doctors are to see out, this is clear money, with the words of the guy, in private hospitals lived ten days, spent more than ten thousand pieces.

it may be that doctor is good to close, so with a very exaggerated consequences scared little guy out of the hospital.

in fact, the guy's condition is not the kind of serious, the doctor said, acute epididymitis can be completely treated, or even cured.

just because a few days did not eat, coupled with excessive tension, guy suddenly fainted in the emergency room, fortunately, through active rescue, guy turned the corner, and after listening to the guy's account, the doctor but also dumbfounding.

a small acute epididymitis, spent ten thousand do not say, actually also want to consider the removal of guys, this is really big joke, many people will question, really have such a hospital? in fact, some private hospitals are indeed so, especially male, chaos particularly like, often cheating patients to carry out various types of surgery, disguised charge a variety of costs, it is the whole industry get foul.

fortunately, the guy's condition has not been dragged very seriously, after a week of active anti-inflammatory treatment, and soon healed.

just, this thrilling medical treatment process, but like the egg in general, forever carved in his heart.