do not see do not know: the most classic physical health problems

author:gu jie

unit:space center hospital

source:2017 beijing health science contest excellent science articles

1, as long as there is no uncomfortable, do not need to do health examination

a:no, no uncomfortable does not mean all the absence of symptoms, the appearance can not see the stage of the disease, should be carried out physical examination, in order to screen out the potential early pathogenic factors or abnormalities, to early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment purposes.

2, backache, back pain, fatigue, fatigue......have to check the cause

a:no, healthy physical examination is not necessarily able to detect the etiology of these symptoms.because some of the symptoms may not be called the disease, but because of improper sitting, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, the pressure is too large to produce.but the symptoms are issued by the body of the warning, can not be ignored, can first rule out the associated organic disease, if not, you need to find whether there is a bad habit, and to improve.

no, the purpose of receiving a healthy physical examination is to respond to the body.of the real situation, if only to check before the deliberate diet, increase the movement, and get the normal data, physical examination and then back to not exercise, eat more, eat the oil situation, it is self-deceptive behavior.

4, before the test must be interrupted medication, otherwise it will affect the test results

a, some chronic diseases(such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease) patients before receiving a healthy physical examination, should continue to take drugs, without interruption, so that the test results can reflect the objective reality, for clinicians to provide effective reference.5, headache, dizziness is very powerful, in the physical examination as long as the addition of a head ct or nuclear magnetic, can be found in the reasons

a:no, headache dizziness as a symptom, the reason is very complex, both organic and functional possibilities, where this situation should go to the hospital, the doctor asked the history, will decide what needs to be further examination, not ct , nuclear magnetic will be able to package all diseases.

6, chest x-ray or chest ct examination, to receive x-ray exposure, the x-ray will cause harm to the human body, it is best not to do such checks


a:no, a single x-ray check will not hurt the body.chest x-ray or lung ct examination is an important check for respiratory diseases, if the fear of radiation damage and give up the examination, the opportunity to find early detection of the disease, obviously this is a pity.however, too frequent x-ray examination may cause damage to the body and should be in a healthy physical examination should not only taboo jealousy, but also to avoid over-examination.

no, the collection of urine should take the middle of the urine, in order to get the right test result.the purpose of taking the middle of the urine is to avoid the front of the urine through the urethra and female female perineum foreign body to ensure the correctness of the test addition, the best women in the end of menstruation after three days, do urine examination is better.

no, a physical examination only need to take out 5-8 ml of the blood, and will not have adverse effects on human health.general male body blood about 5000-6000 ml.women were 4000-5000 ml, and now the obligation to donate blood once the blood is 200-400 ml, so that physical examination pumping blood and will not cause anemia, please rest assured it

9, now ten people check eight have fatty liver, so no big deal, do not control

a:although fatty liver more asymptomatic, will not make you feel discomfort, but it is healthy when the beginning of the yellow light, you must find out the reasons to improve the bad habits of daily life, such as excessive drinking too much, lack of exercise, weight overload or obesity, or fatty liver may also develop to cirrhosis liver cancer.

no, the pancreas is deep, ultrasound can see clearly affected by many factors, such as the subject is too obese, subcutaneous fat layer is too thick, serious intestinal flatulence, etc., so do not see the doctor is not good technology.similar situation is also found in the male prostate, female uterus and accessories can see, and holding back urine is closely please also understand the subjects, as far as possible with the doctor to check, do not rush to check the leave, should promptly do a good job before the preparation, if necessary, need to further ct or intracavitary ultrasound examination, has been to help clear whether the disease.

in the above 10 classic questions, whether there are a few troubled you, please read it carefully, if you can help you to doubt, it is so good, i wish you health!

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