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glycemic index, glycemic index,(gi), chinese full name"blood glucose production index", referred to as"glycemic index".refers to the ratio of the area under the blood glucose time curve and the area under the blood glucose time produced by the reference substance(usually glucose) in the food under a standard quantity(typically 50 grams) of a carbohydrate in a certain food and multiply by 100 , it reflects the speed and ability of a certain food to increase blood sugar compared to to reflect the food caused by the degree of elevated blood glucose indicators, is the body after eating the body's response to blood sugar generation.


gi 55 or less

grains:whole egg noodles, buckwheat noodles, fans, black rice, black gruel, macaroni, lotus root starch vegetables, konjac, cucumber, cork, eggplant, green peppers, kelp, eggs, lilies, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, bean sprouts, asparagus, cauliflower, onions, lettuce

bean:apple, pear, orange, peach, grape, pomelo, pear, peas, peas, beans, green beans, green beans, white milk, low-fat milk, skim milk, low-fat cheese, black tea, yogurt, sugar-free soy milk

p> sugar and sugar alcohols:fructose, lactose, xylitol, i su-wheat, maltitol, sorbitol food

gi 56-69

vegetables:sweet potatoes, taro, potato chips, tomatoes, lotus root, burdock

meat:fish meat beef, pork, pork, beef, beef, shrimp, crab

beans:baked bean, winter powder, cream, milk, fresh milk, fruit:papaya, jipper, pineapple, banana, mango, cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, willow

sugar and sugar alcohols:sugar, honey, red wine, beer, cola, coffee

grapefruit, fried rice, popcorn

meat:tribute pills, broth, egg dumplings

meat, pork, sugar and sugar alcohols:glucose, sugar, maltose, soft drinks, willow, and so on.


diabetic patients with the principle of eating 1, the daily food should include cereals, milk, meat, vegetables, etc., recipes often change, rich and varied, to avoid partial eclipse.

1, the daily food should include cereals,

2, at least three meals a day, at least three meals a day, each meal should include at least three types of food(cereals, vegetables, meat or milk).3, need to inject insulin in patients, must have a stable diet plan, in particular, to control the amount of sugar per meal.

4, to control the sweet, salty, greasy food and drinking.

5, to limit the high saturated fatty acids and high cholesterol foods, such as swollen, fat, ancestral oil, egg yolk, animal offal and shellfish seafood.

6, to control drinks, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit juice and so on.

7, to intake of cellulose-rich foods such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, melon vegetables.

8, to avoid eating pickled or smoked foods such as fermented bean curd, sausage, ham, bacon, lunch meat and so on.

9, to avoid eating many times by the high temperature of cooking food, but can not eat mold peanuts and cereals.10, to maintain normal weight, not overeating; to regular exercise, so that blood sugar is often maintained within the normal range, in order to reduce the chance of complications occur.

> tips for self-made low-gi food

1,"coarse"food do not fine

from the concept of food glycemic index, the degree is very the case of bread, for example, the white bread food has a blood sugar generation index of 70, but the bread with 75% to 80% of the wheat grain is 34, so it is recommended to replace the fine bread with coarse flour or bread made from crushed grain.

2, simple enough

in the kitchen to"lazy"point, the vegetables can not cut cut, beans can not eat the whole grain to eat.vegetables are the same, the general potato, vegetables, not cut too small or into a mud-like.prefer to chew a few times, intestinal more exercise, beneficial to blood sugar control.

3, eat more dietary fiber

there are many kinds of soluble dietary fiber, daily can be directly purchased with addition, the choice of natural dietary fiber-rich vegetables, such as celery, bamboo shoots and so on.fungus, mushrooms are also a good source.

4, increase the staple food in the protein

as the general wheat noodles food glycemic index of 81.6, the protein of italian fine noodles food sugar production index of 37, add eggs, wheat flat noodles for 55.the typical italian macaroni is made of high-felted durum wheat flour powder with a food glycemic index of only 46.dumplings are commonly used in the north of food, protein, fiber are high, but also low food glycemic index food.

5, acute cooking, less water

food soft and hard, raw cooking, thin thick, particle size of the food glycemic index have an impact.therefore, unless the special needs of nutrition treatment, cereal cooked must go through a long period of high temperature.therefore, the longer the processing time, the higher the temperature, more water, the more paste, the higher the blood sugar production index.

6, eat vinegar

after the fermentation of food produce acidic substances, can make the whole meal food glycemic index is easy to add vinegar or lemon juice in non-staple food.

7, high and low with

high, medium food glycemic index of food with low food glycemic index of food together can produce a food glycemic index meal.and high and high together, of course, can only be high."/>

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