blood vessels are most afraid of four things to remember after dinner two do not immediately do not do before bedtime two!

a reference to blood vessels, many people think of the body can see the"blue veins", but the blood vessels are all over the body, including arteries, veins, capillaries three.

blood vessels are the body's blood, oxygen and other nutrients, of course, including"garbage", that is, many people now say"thrombus"!

vascular health is one of the most talked about topics of modern people, vascular disease in our country incident is not uncommon! vascular health or not related to a person's life span! blood vessels are most afraid of"four things", we must remember

often big fish and meat to eat, will increase the body cholesterol, triglyceride amount, to promote blood vessels in the low cholesterol lipoprotein(bad) increased the content of high-density lipoprotein(good) decreased, thereby increasing the formation of vascular, the proposed meat and vegetables with less oil, less sugar more the same time every meal control seven or eight full, eat too full, will increase the burden of the stomach, resulting in more blood after the meal gathered in the stomach to digest, the brain easy to hypoxia!


foreign studies have found that eating salt and more food, in just 30 minutes after the vasodilator capacity will be affected, easily lead to heart injuries.even if the original blood pressure is normal, excessive salt intake, will quickly damage the blood vessels.recommended daily consumption of edible salt control intake,"chinese diet pagoda"2015 edition of the daily intake of salt per person recommended daily intake of not more than 6g(including soy sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce in the pumping).

, the heart through the blood vessels pump blood will produce nitric oxide, can relax the blood vessels, smooth blood flow, while the salt and fat will hinder the release of nitric oxide, hinder the expansion of blood vessels, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis.

blood vessels fear"tired", stay up late, the law of rest

blood fear"tired", stay up late, the law of rest.long stay up late will disrupt the biological clock, so that the body secrete too much adrenaline and norepinephrine, promote vasoconstriction, blood flow, blood viscosity increased.studies have shown that long-term people stay up late, the risk of heart disease than normal 1 times higher

it is recommended to sleep before 11 o'clock every day, for those who have special types of work should also be based on their own work and rest time is good, but for the phone control, stay up the family will be vigilant, protect the blood vessels, is to extend life!

the blood vessels of normal people are elastic, but the effects of long-term bad habits can thicken the blood vessels and increase the risk of hardening, especially the bad habit of smoking.

smoking is one of the culprits leading to vascular failure, even if your body no matter how good, even if smoking is not much, 10 years after the apparent atherosclerosis.and stay up all night smoking, will make the blood viscosity than normal higher than 8 times.

protect your blood vessels, that is, extend your healthy life!

after the meal"two not immediately"

[not immediately after a meal smoking]

smoking after the risk of smoking 10 times larger than usual

because the digestive tract after eating the blood circulation to speed up, resulting in a lot of harmful ingredients in the smoke is absorbed, damage the liver, brain and heart blood vessels.smokers remember,"a cigarette after a meal, live live fairy"this is"deceptive", sometimes cool, will lead to regret for life!

eat rice, stomach filled with food, digestive system is in a"state of exercise", then sleep will increase the digestion of the stomach is not conducive to food the same time, after the brain cerebral insufficiency, if immediately after a meal to sleep, it is easy due to lack of local blood supply to the brain caused by stroke.

and after falling asleep, the body's metabolic rate is reduced, the intake of food contained in the heat into fat is more likely to make people fat, but also increase the risk of vascular disease.

do not eat before going to bed to eat supper, reduce the burden]

many people before going to bed, like to play the phone, and then put something to eat, unknowingly do not know how much food they eat; drinking, alcohol will promote blood circulation to speed up, increase the"sleep state"under the heart, but also affect the quality of sleep!

do not eat supper before going to bed, will reduce the burden of the stomach, liver, more conducive to good health.

coffee contains caffeine, coffee before going to bed easily lead to insomnia, and the body is in trouble, fatigue, can not rest in time, will increase the burden on the heart, resulting in abnormal blood pressure, which means that the blood vessels"sick"!

protect the blood vessels, more intake of unsaturated fatty acids omega 3

studies have shown that omega-3, an unsaturated fatty acid, reduces lipid levels in the blood, especially triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol(bad cholesterol), and promotes platelet aggregation without clotting, preventing thrombosis forming a very good effect.but in life, the majority of edible oil containing omega 6 more, and in the omega 3 less under the premise will increase the incidence of chronic vascular disease.

life supplement omega 3 mainly from suzi oil, hu ma ren oil, deep sea fish, walnut oil and so on.which is known as the"land deep sea fish"is suzi oil, it is the seeds of basil after cold pressing to obtain, and suzi oil containing omega 3 linolenic acid content is high, up to 66.7%, only a day eat 5-10 ml suzi oil can add omega 3, can also be mixed with yogurt after eating, but also mixed with cold dishes when eating.

protect the blood vessels, drink tea, drink less

tea culture in china has 4,000 years of history, often tea, but also to maintain blood vessels, prevention of aging.such as green tea, green tea contains tea polyphenols, catechins and other nutrients, can help digestion, refreshing, anti-aging, but also promote blood circulation, prevent thrombosis, but also the treatment of bronchial asthma, cough and phlegm, myocardial infarction tea and dandelion, sweet-scented osmanthus together with dandelion green tea, but also help the liver detoxification, promote toxins discharge.dandelion is known as the"natural antibiotics", the gastric ulcer, hepatitis have the role of adjuvant therapy, and osmanthus warm, can alleviate the dandelion cold, but also ziyin runzao, remove the oral odor!


practice:< br/>

will be raised on the shoulders, slowly relax, so mention a loose, repeated, sooner or later each doing about 5 minutes.this is the movement of the neck movement, for the carotid artery blood into the brain to provide artificial driving force, forcing the slow flow of blood to the brain, can reduce cerebrovascular insufficiency and the risk of infarction.

massage neck


hands friction heat, the rapid massage of the left and right sides of the neck, forced medium, the speed is slightly faster, the skin heat, red for the degree.every morning and evening for 5 minutes each.this method can promote cervical vascular smooth muscle relaxation, improve the blood vessel wall nutrition, to promote the rigid neck blood vessels have softened, restore elasticity, improve blood supply to the brain.

natural standing, palm relative, clap action should be slow, moderate force, batter 30 times for the times, early, middle and late to do it again.fingers and internal organs by the meridian connected, clap to brain puzzle, eliminate fatigue, enhance memory, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, alzheimer's disease, the effect is very significant.

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