tiptoe to see how long you can live worth a look

in the early days of the western han dynasty,"cited the book"there is"the heel to facilitate the use of the"heel law"chest"and"the heel, a long left, a right, three hundred only"records.

"nutrition yan ordered to guide the massage"is also"keep solid, the heel three also"power law."dun"also for"dayton", that is, dayton heel, that is, we said the heel, is conducive to the excretion of the chest of the plump gas.

with a long history of 800 years to guide the health of eight paragraph kam, the last action called"behind the seven hundred diseases disappeared,"this action is through the way the way to stimulate the kidney by the system, induced systemic shock, soft massage internal organs, which play a magic effect to eliminate all diseases.

in addition, the tiptoe is still a good aerobic exercise, tiptoe, the bilateral calf muscles after each contraction squeeze out the amount of blood, roughly equivalent to the amount of cardiac pulse.

it not only keeps the heart rate at about 150 times per minute, so that the blood can supply enough oxygen in the heart, good cardiovascular health, but also exercise calf muscles and ankles to prevent varicose veins, enhance the stability of the ankle.

also, tiptoe movement can also move the limbs and minds, eliminating the long time with brain concentration and suddenly standing and eyes black, the hair faint problems.

the most important thing is that it can avoid damage to the knee, which is a lot of knee is not very good for the elderly, is a good exercise method.

specific exercise method 1 cradle

keep your body standing on both sides of the body; and then slowly tiptoe, with the toes tightly grasp the ground, and then the center of gravity from the toes to the forefoot, relax the body, and finally do free movement, let the heel hit the ground, causing a soft shock, along the legs uploaded to the upper body.when you turn a few times, you will feel the body comfortable, memorable.

you can also find a thing to help keep your body in balance.the purpose of this is to make your tight legs to be stimulated and slowly consume fat, long-term will eliminate fatigue and can increase the flexibility of the calf.

2 tiptoe walking

every time you go 30-50 step, a little rest, and then according to their own physical condition and then repeated several groups, the speed to feel comfortable and comfortable is appropriate.the initial practitioners can help the wall, skilled do not have to use foreign objects.

3 sitting on tiptoe.

to maintain the level, you can put two mineral water bottles or pets on the thigh, the weight-bearing exercises, each time tiptoe 30-50 times, the speed can be self-regulation.

4 lying on the hook toe

bed rest, legs close together straight, the toes of a hook, can be done with both feet, but also single foot practice.if you feel uncomfortable calf, stop to rest.each time to do 20-30 times, the speed is self-regulation.1, it should be noted that the footsteps to step by step, do not force too much, or easily lead to heel pain.

if you cause pain, do not worry, rest a few days, with hot water bubble feet, and soon all right.2, in addition, playing chess, playing cards, playing computer or standing for a long time, the best about 1 hour to do a tiptoe exercise, can make the lower limb blood flow smooth, and will not wait for a long time numbness of the lower limbs.1, can be anti-depression

depression is because yang can not be up to exercise the brain, leading to the brain's blood to follow the blood to follow the blood line of poor, cloudy yin closed due to clear.

at the same time can also stimulate the foot through the bladder and foot three yin meridian, including the kidney, the spleen, liver, foot three yin yang a foot, you can promote the yang on, so that more blood on the head and face.

take a deep breath along the side of the foot, that is, fast brain tips.

2, subsidy kidney q

kidney deficiency of the people, there are often afraid of cold chills, heel leng tong, lower extremity edema and other symptoms, the cradle can be subsidized kidney qi, to promote the kidney qi gasification effect, and the effect is obvious.

the heel is closely related to the kidneys of the human body, and the calipers are actually stimulating the kidneys.because the foot shaoyin kidney from the small toe under the oblique line in the foot of yongquan, along the heel up, and ultimately kidney capsule bladder.

if in the cold winter, often britain britain, is fuyang dafa.

3, can cure dysuria

poor urine, according to western medicine, is prostate disease, more common in prostatic hypertrophy, prostatitis and so on.

from the perspective of chinese medicine, is due to bladder gasification caused by adverse.

stimulating the heel is a cure for prostate disease.

and prostate disease will not only lead to urinary incontinence, but also may lead to impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual function decline, etc., can also be considered with a small heel of the little trick treatment.

4, can treat low back pain

as the wind cold dampness evil into the bladder, resulting in poor blood running,

stimulate the bladder can be opened by the gas, the general is not pain, it can stimulate the bladder by the crush method can also be treated low back pain, cervical spondylosis, headache and so on.because the cervical spine, the first part of the sun is also the bladder through the line through the site.

5, can prevent and treat stroke

chinese medicine that, where the wind is yin yang yang yang yang deficiency syndrome, cerebral hemorrhage is"yin shenggeyang"caused the symptoms of yang.

yang gas on the red, gathered in the brain, the central nervous system will be more than usual several times the stimulus.

stimulate the foot of the foot can not only stimulate the brain to run blood, more importantly, can be cited floating sun down, from the bladder by the kidney and down to the foot, which is a way to yang.in addition, if there is a stroke aura, red face, dizziness, hand, foot and numbness, blood pressure increased significantly, then in a timely manner to prevent stroke, and stomping is an extremely effective treatment.can be effective, such as high blood pressure, dizziness, meniere's syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, and so on, if the wind can be effective, such as high blood pressure, dizziness, meniere's syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, etc., if the is due to virtual fire caused by floating, there will be significant results.

6, ease the pressure

can effectively improve the blood circulation of the brain.

while the back of the heel, while taking a deep breath, you can make the brain immediately full of vitality, and can ease the stress of tension.


britain can not only subsidize kidney qi, but also the effect of kidney yang, can significantly improve sexual function.

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