low-density lipoprotein high blood vessels blocked to do so in addition to a month in addition to blood lipids

when checking blood, there will be a low-density lipoprotein, which can mainly reflect the body's cholesterol levels.the human body's low-density lipoprotein is too high, it is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, this is because low-density lipoprotein is easy to be oxidized, and after oxidation, low-density lipoprotein has a strong inflammation-like irritation, endometrial damage, damaged parts easily lead to the deposition of lipid, damaged blood vessels will be formed by the repair of the arterial sclerosis of the plaque, leading to atherosclerosis.

low-density lipoprotein is a scourge, how to clear? we know that can directly increase the body's cholesterol, is the daily diet, therefore, lower the value of low-density lipoprotein, first need to diet control:

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