old college students chest pain unpleasant ambulance just arrived in the emergency department he said to the doctor aids!

the deafening roar of the ambulance, when the compartment is opened the moment, a young man clutching his chest with his hands, his face pale, his face pain, his forehead exudes the dense sweat.

chest pain is so intense, the doctor frowned slightly.

there are many diseases that can cause severe chest pain in medicine, but it is necessary to divide the surgery and surgery.surgery, common trauma can lead to chest pain, such as blood pneumothorax, such as rib fractures, but these are soon exclusion, because this is called the small army of 21-year-old college students, chest pain, and did not encounter trauma.

and medical diseases, the most dangerous is acute myocardial infarction and aortic dissection, although these two diseases occur in elderly patients, but young people are not impossible.

but when the doctor to arrange inspection for the small army, the small army suddenly came a doctor, i was infected with aids!

strike, he heads crying.

this is how the matter, the cause of the chest pain is not clear yet clear, how suddenly came a aids?

fortunately, through the relevant examination, ruled out the acute myocardial infarction and aortic dissection, ecg is only prompted sinus tachycardia, the doctor analysis, leading to small army chest pain is probably the culprit is the heart functional disease.

it is a special type of neurosis, with palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue as the main performance, accompanied by other neurological characteristics.its cause is mainly due to work and life too nervous, anxiety or sharp contradictions with people produce mental trauma, the brain cortex is subject to strong stimulation of the cerebral cortex excitement and inhibition of the process of obstacles, leading to central nervous system dysfunction, autonomic dysfunction, resulting in cardiac vascular dysfunction.

at this time, the doctor suddenly remembered the words of the small army, he infected with aids!

what is true or false, we all know that aids is a highly contagious of the disease, the general infection are taboo to say that in order to avoid unnecessary panic, through the doctor's further inquiry, 21-year-old small army finally spoke to tell the truth.

it turned out that he was a man with three months ago, he met a man through the network, two people no security measures in a relationship, and afterwards no further contact, the last two weeks, a small army always feel the whole body boring, loss of appetite, he went to the internet a check, condemnation, found their symptoms and aids is like, in desperate, small army completely scared of paralysis.

according to that is not aids, to the hospital can check, but the small army is not dare not, he did not want to face the brutal reality, and constantly struggling with thinking, great pressure to make him survive, triggering a series of neurological symptoms.finally, the doctor through the examination, the small army of hiv is hidden, but there are doctors that in the window period may also be undetected, and then three months if the results are still hidden, then you can thoroughly excluded.

ultimately, in the psychiatrist's meticulous treatment, the symptoms of small army neurosis has eased, experienced this storm, i hope this is a good old age students can learn to properly protect themselves, do not do not guarantee things.

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