years of cancer doctors said: every day to eat it passed the cancer cells miraculously disappeared

on the road to cancer is divided into three kinds of people, the first person:all day depression, i feel all the world are sorry for him, all day in tears, and some worse there will be revenge evil thoughts.

the second person:the surface is optimistic, but full of fear, while accepting treatment, while counting their own how much time can survive.

third person:from the heart to overcome cancer cells, challenge cancer cells, every day as the last day, optimistic, positive life, and accept traditional chinese medicine diet.

however, these three kinds of final outcome can be imagined is not the same,

wang xianmin, beijing, 53 years old, august 2012 no cause cough, and with the beijing sino-soviet friendship hospital chest ct examination, found the right lower lung mass 6 * 5.8cm, and the emergence of lymphatic metastasis.performed a lower right lobe resection and lymph node dissection.postoperative reconsideration chemotherapy.

suffering from cancer, i believe that many people encounter the same with the old the beginning of the time, it seems to be the same as death, live all day in fear.although the doctor has repeatedly said that such a mood is very detrimental to the disease.but wang is difficult to come out in sadness.5 months later, breathing effortless, and accompanied by severe pain.

go to hospital for examination, recurrence of lung cancer, right pleural effusion, thoracolumbar vertebral body metastasis.the doctor told the family, serious condition, rapid progress, poor prognosis, in addition to continuing chemotherapy, there is no way.this time the king of the real consciousness of their own can not do this, i want to change myself, change the fate of change.

the king of the old and did not blindly chemotherapy, decisive to take a combination of chemotherapy+chinese medicine conditioning, intends to adopt this conservative treatment.

wang lao find the old chinese medicine began to conditioning the body, chinese medicine recommended to eat fruit fruit+ganoderma lucidum to conditioning, to qi, improve immunity, can inhibit the recurrence of cancer deterioration.

to the king to drink, drink is one day, modern research found that essential fruit is rich in saponins and polysaccharides, can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, induce cancer cell apoptosis, while the fruit contains the polysaccharide can improve the body's immunity, so as to achieve the effect of anti-cancer.

ganoderma lucidum has the role of tonic blood, righting to anti-cancer.ganoderma lucidum adjuvant treatment of cancer is through the support of human righteousness, the overall regulation of the body immunity, improve the quality of life in terms of.

second:change yourself, adjust the mentality, every day as the last day of special treasure of life, cherish every person around, every day to find some things you are interested in doing, insist on doing.

finally, wang said:but also thanks to my wife in every possible way to take care of, every day is always changing the law to do some things i like to eat, contain my bad mood during the diet of the principle of diet:add high nutritional food, choose easy to digest, fresh, spleen and stomach to help digestion of food, eat more fresh vegetables, fruit, may choose appropriate appetizer food.

appropriate food:millet, corn, oats, red dates, lotus seeds, peanuts, lilies, tomatoes, spinach, pepper, fish, animal liver, lean meat, apple, kiwi, hawthorn and so on.

now five years have passed, cancer cells are still in my body but never relapse and transfer, we are both loved ones and enemies.i never expect cancer cells to be completely removed, but i live very happy every day, i think this is enough to.

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