please note that if you have these symptoms may have been suffering from prostatitis!

modern men, busy with work, family pressure, often produce unspeakable, such as sexual dysfunction, infertility and so on....most of the culprits that cause these symptoms are chronic prostatitis, which is extremely harmful to men.

if you have the following symptoms, may suffer from chronic prostatitis!

low back pain, fatigue, lower abdomen bulge cold, testicular pain, urinary tract astringent pain, frequent urination, urgency, urinary incontinence, dripping absent, urine drops and so on.

find the above symptoms, should go to the hospital in time, do prostatic fluid, prostate b super check

if the detection of lecithin reduction, gland mild hyperplasia, calcification, a large number of white blood cells and pus, can be diagnosed with chronic prostatitis.

i think that the disease belongs to chinese medicine low back pain, small abdominal pain, leaching disease category, according to the performance and individual differences, can be divided into three types:1, spleen and kidney yang type the

see low back pain, fatigue, cold, diarrhea and so on.

2, liver cold stagnation.

visible lower abdomen cold pain, bulge, days cold heavier.

3, congestion block type.

visible waist pain, testicular astringent pain, urine waiting and so on.chronic prostatitis belongs to the typical modern difficult disease, why is there?

of patients with multiple treatment ineffective? even if the moment improved, not how long, but relapse? the reason, that is, chronic prostatitis knowledge of chinese medicine is not deep enough, poor prescription, did not achieve the desired therapeutic effect.according to my clinical experience of more than 40 years, the light one month to cure, severe 2-3 months to cure.

if you are chronic prostatitis patients, should note the following:1, usually strengthen physical exercise, to avoid sedentary.

2, to maintain an optimistic attitude.

3, adhere to treatment, medication on time.finally, i share a small prescription for the prevention of chronic prostatitis:


wang does not leave 10g, shi wei 10g, made chuanwu 2g, rhubarb 3g.

add 250ml of boiling water, stuffy half an hour, on behalf of the tea, 10 days for a course of treatment, long-term use can prevent chronic prostatitis.

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