what does estrogen do?

what is the role of estrogen

1, estrogen has any effect

first of all, for women, estrogen big.in fact, women in addition to the reproductive system and estrogen, the body of many tissues and organs have its target organ, such as the nervous system, cardiovascular system, bone, urinary system and so on.these systems or organizations which can play a role with estrogen, so girls in the process of mature these systems are also lack of estrogen role.

the great role of estrogen in women's life is that any hormone can not be replaced, it dominates the development and maintenance of female secondary sexual characteristics, which regulates the stability of the female's body environment, which controls the female's life cycle , female cyclical menstruation, women's fertility, women's unique fullness and so on are inseparable from the role of estrogen.2, the negative impact on men

estrogen is very useful for women is not good for men.

, it can increase the female femininity, distribute full female hormones.but too high estrogen will have a significant impact on the male reproductive system, including the level of androgen, causing testicular tissue structure changes, causing testicular cancer, reduce the number of sperm in semen, resulting in male breast development, leading to endocrine disorders.

men taking short-term estrogen-containing drugs do not have a significant impact on the reproductive system, but long-term exposure to estrogen-containing items in life will cause greater harm to reproductive health.such as some male skin care free to use female cosmetics.these specifically for women developed cosmetics, contain certain estrogen, long-term use of male reproductive health will cause damage, resulting in hypogonadism.

3, the impact of estrogen women

sex hormone is the key to the growth and development of adolescents, it can be said that the second sexual characteristics is controlled by androgen and estrogen.but at the same time, estrogen will speed up the child's bone closure, when the bones are completely closed, the person's height will not grow again.general boys 18 years old, girls 16-year-old bones are completely closed, and for estrogen levels are too high for children, their bone closure faster than other children.initially, their height tends to grow rapidly, even higher than the same age children, but after the growth of the room but no other children, so adult height is often not high.

the product also contains isoflavin, which has a balanced estrogen and two-way regulation of the role in the food is difficult to find the second so effective estrogen food.vitamin d and hormones have a certain relationship, if the daily consumption of 1 cup of milk and 500 grams of fish, long-term adherence, the use of vitamin d, can play a role in conditioning estrogen balance.

foods rich in selenium and zinc also have special effects on balanced estrogen.selenium vegetables are shepherd's purse, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, pumpkin, etc.; zinc foods are oysters, mackerel, eel, kelp, beans, sesame seeds, walnuts, etc., which oyster zinc content is particularly impressive.

from milk, red meat, cheese contains a lot of saturated fat, such as excessive intake will stimulate excessive secretion of estrogen.

but nuts, seeds, fish, olive oil in the unsaturated fat levels have a certain effect on the balance of hormones.

seaweed, seaweed and other seaweed foods also have a certain role.

intake of more than 40 grams of food fiber per day, and reduce 20% fat intake, can maintain a balance of hormone levels.food fiber in plant foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits in the content is relatively high.3, oral contraceptives

estrogen will produce negative feedback, reduce the circulating fsh and lh

common estrogen drugs

concentration.most contraceptives contain synthetic estrogens, usually with synthetic lutein.negative feedback in the male body that reduces lh concentration is also produced by estradiol, not testosterone.

2, hormonal supplements

there are a growing number of articles to discuss helmon therapy, given menopausal women with estrogen with other hormones to prevent osteoporosis and other menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, vaginal dryness, stress urinary incontinence, cold, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, sweating and so on.for women who begin taking estrogen for 5 to 10 years after three years of menopause, you can reduce the 50-70% of the spine, wrist, buttocks, and an increase in vertebral bone density of about 5%.