be careful! this fruit is now full of people touch on the body ulceration

now many cities

there are a lot of ginkgo trees

once the late autumn leaves are beginning to become golden

very beautiful

you can also take pictures of the united states and the united states

this is the fruit that can be said to be everywhere in the fall

because ginkgo is poisonous

recently a friend

because picking up a ginkgo fruit and then stripping the skin

the whole person is not good

give you a picture

well, about that

this picture shows the network borrow for reference

there are many cases

if you are concerned about the news will know

every year many people because of this

encounter a variety of hospital

allergy it is light or

some even skin ulceration

even breathing difficulties shock


> in fact, when the peeling in the

was ginkgo fruit in the pulp spilled on the body

because ginkgo fruit peel

contains organic acids, will leading to skin allergies

not only that, ginkgo biloba, especially embryos and cotyledons

contains ginkgo acid, ginkgo biloba, ginkgo alcohol

and other toxic substances

the main ingredient is hydrocyanic

whether it is raw(do not eat)

or cooked too much

pardon, paroxysmal, dyspnea


some skin irritation, blisters

serious or even festering

the magic is

ginkgo allergies such as hand allergies[/p>

or peeling

wear gloves and masks

dropping gloves should be useful

but when wearing gloves is not used

because berry juice will splash ah

of course, these are mainly for people with allergies to ginkgo

some people are not allergic

even so we do not take yourself to try

if you are not already allergic

do not use hot water to wash your hands

do not increase your condition

do not casually apply ointment

do not mess, because it will be linked the

if you are allergic to a doctor

approximately a week or so

of course, ginkgo is still able to eat


there are smooth blood vessels, improve brain function, anti-aging effect

p> but it is medicine

please do not eat

health must not eat, cooked also eat less


do not have more than 10 adults

once an allergic reaction occurs

please see your doctor as soon as possible

be careful when you fall

this fruit is really everywhere

do not casually pick pick up

do not just eat

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