love sweet potatoes to pay attention to the sweet potatoes do not cook again! now know not too late!

eat sweet potatoes attention, sweet potatoes do not cook again! now know not too late!

it is now in the late autumn season, the weather slowly began to cold up, and many late autumn, winter food began to slowly cold season, people eat the staple food is the sweet potato.

sweet potato is rich in nutritional value and is very beneficial to our health.and often sweet potato as a staple food, there is a very good anti-cancer effect.we eat sweet potatoes, are generally cooked to eat, but today xiaobian to give you some more health, more delicious sweet potato practice.learn these methods, we certainly will not eat boiled sweet potatoes, and together to see it!

[sweet potato health effects]

1, conservation of blood vessels

sweet potato contains a body for the body to absorb collagen mucus polysaccharide material, regular consumption, can help the body to maintain the flexibility of the arteries, there is a very good conservation of blood vessels, the effect of vascular disease.

2, conservation joints

sweet potato in the rich mucus polysaccharide material, in the human body after eating absorption, can maintain the human joint cavity articular surface and serous lubrication, there are very good help the role of joints.

3, hypolipidemic

regular consumption of sweet potato can help the body to reduce subcutaneous fat, prevent fat in the blood vessels of the precipitation, not only has a very good weight loss, and can prevent arteriosclerosis.

4, help blood sugar

modern research found that sweet potato contains insulin-like ingredients, edible sweet potato has a good effect of auxiliary blood sugar control.

sweet potato is the absolute"high potassium low sodium"king.the study found that sweet potato and other potassium-rich foods can reduce the risk of stroke by 20%.

6, lax

sweet potato contains some difficult to be digested cellulose and pectin, people after eating, these cellulose and pectin can promote the human stomach peristalsis, there is a very good effect of laxative, therefore, long-term constipation friends, you can often eat some sweet potatoes, eliminate constipation.

7, anti-cancer

the anti-cancer efficacy of sweet potato is generally recognized because sweet potato contains anti-cancer ingredients:vitamin b, vitamin c, folic acid and lysine.they have the effect of eliminating free radicals, enhancing immunity, and fighting cancer.

[health sweet potato to blood poison, cooked sweet potato qi blood]

sweet potato can be raw food, you can also cooked the eyes of chinese medicine, sweet potato raw food and cooked food is not the same effect.

the role of.but the raw sweet potatoes, may be prone to indigestion phenomenon, but if we have a hot sores disease, you can chew the sweet potatoes in the affected area, with the relief of pain, the treatment of disease good results.because raw sweet potato has a very good detoxification anti-inflammatory effect.

cooked sweet potato blood:blood is not good, poor face female friends, you can often eat some red cherry sweet potatoes, such sweet potatoes, blood effects can be compared with red dates, long-term consumption can be effective improve the body of blood, very support people!

sweet potato has a very good health effect, and now the weather is getting cold up, and really a lot of time to market sweet potatoes, we may often buy some sweet potatoes come back to eat, for our health is very useful.speaking of sweet potatoes to say, may be a lot of families are used to cook, but in fact, sweet potatoes have a lot of health to eat, eat more delicious than cooking, more health, together to see it!

production methods:sweet potato steamed peeled after the paste into a paste; add flour, warm water, with the right amount of pepper noodles, chopped green onion, salt and mix well, then, into a round cake, ripe cooked to eat< br/>

efficacy:sweet and delicious, as the staple food, can treat constipation.

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    production method:take the right amount of corn flour, add cold water, and into a paste; sweet potatoes in the pot boiled, mashed, add water into the corn paste boiled, boiled time to keep stirring, cooked to edible.

    efficacy:maintenance of the stomach, cancer and other adjuvant therapy.


    production method:take the right amount of wheat kernel, soak in the water overnight, the next day will be soaked with a good wheat and sweet potatoes together boiled, boiled to soft rotten, add appropriate amount of rock sugar, you can eat.

    [sweet potato leaves eat more people]

    we all know that sweet potato leaves are a treasure, eat good for the body, but many people do not know, sweet potato leaves more nutritious, more beneficial to our health.sweet potato leaves is anti-cancer to we take a look, sweet potato leaves health diet side.


    production methods:sweet potato leaves boiled about, into the cold water slightly foam, remove and chopped; shrimp with warm water soak for half an hour.put the pot, into the chicken soup, shrimp, wuhuo boil, simmer for 10 minutes, transferred into the salt serve.

    efficacy:spleen and nourishing, kidney milk, suitable for frail spleen and sick after eating.

    2, constipation:250 grams of sweet potato leaves, salt frying, 1 service, 2 times a day.

    3, blood dysentery:sweet potato powder to honey transfer service.4, milk carbuncle:white sweet potatoes washed peeled, chopped mashed, apply the affected area, feel the heat is changed.5, kidney yang weak, nocturia frequency:take 500 grams of sweet potato, peeled cut:500 grams of dog meat, cut, with water stew 2 to 3 hours, cooked a little salt seasoning edible the

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