female menopause can survive it?

why boil? modern medicine is a way to help you through the"menopause".women grow up with age, ovarian function decline, the resulting estrogen and progesterone gradually reduced, it will appear to be able to get the most painful, low estrogen-based series of symptoms.

if it occurs before the age of 40, is the primary ovarian dysfunction.40 years later known as menopausal syndrome, or people are more familiar with the"menopausal syndrome."

the most common discomfort includes several aspects:

1, their own uncomfortable, others do not know

menstrual chaos, hot flashes, night sweats, palpitation, sleep poor, frequent urination, vaginal dryness and so on.

2, others see

irritability, temper, depression, etc., this is everyone on the"menopause"impression of bad reason.

3, between husband and wife know

sexual vaginal pain, burning, decreased sexual desire and so on.

4, quietly occurring, until a serious consequence of the occurrence of cardiovascular events, osteoporosis, fractures, dementia and so on.the impact of these problems is more serious and may be life-threatening.

so, menopause or perimenopausal pain has been very painful, and do not go hard boil.this is not a woman born to bear the pain, life extension, but also to live with quality.

since this series of pain is due to estrogen reduction, then the appropriate supplement of estrogen can alleviate the need these symptoms, smooth and happy to spend menopause.this is beyond doubt.

for the existence of women in the uterus, the use of estrogen at the same time, also need to add progesterone to protect the endometrium.because of the use of estrogen and progesterone at the same time, the risk of endometrial cancer will not increase, so we do not have to worry.

as early as the rule, a little pain do not!

when estrogen begins to decrease and there is a discomfort, you can use hormones to supplement the treatment.so that the body can always be in the state of estrogen protection, do not have to endure the pain, but also conducive to the health of the major organs.

if you missed the beginning of the time, we think that under 60 years of age or menopause no more than 10 years of women, or can start with hormones.

age and then the next point to be careful assessment, especially 70 years of age is not recommended with hormones.if there is related discomfort, may need to seek other drugs to ease.

for women who have been medication, as long as there is no new contraindications, you can always use, even to 70 years of age do not stop

possible side effects

many people will think that the greatest risk of supplementing estrogen and progesterone is breast cancer, especially in breast surgery, often over-reading this point.in fact, tens of thousands of women have participated in the study confirmed that small doses of estrogen alone will not increase the risk of breast cancer, but with the addition of synthetic progesterone has a mild impact, so now use hormones as far as possible to choose natural or close to the natural.

from the time of treatment, hormone supplement within 5-7 years will not increase the risk of breast cancer.in other words, eating hormones does not guarantee that you do not have breast cancer, but will not increase the risk of cancer.after all, the incidence of breast cancer is one of the highest number of women.

risk of thrombosis:hormone supplements may affect hemagglutination, resulting in increased risk of thrombosis.but this for our yellow race, the impact is relatively small.if you choose to use the skin to absorb the patch or ointment, these effects can be almost ignored.

the other side effects are very rare and almost do not worry.

is the so-called"drug three poison","had a road but also by the car hit", but we have to see the great benefits of medication, as long as we reasonable prescription, strict monitoring, estrogen and progesterone can let your"menopause"smoothly through.

lazy will get cancer

lazy cancer is terrible ah, do not say anything else, the great impact on the body.to celebrate the"menopause", you must move up.running, brisk walking, square dance, travel is a good choice, every week can have 5 days, each time more than half an hour of exercise, slightly out of sweat.these can help alleviate the discomfort of menopausal syndrome, contribute to cardiovascular and bone and other organs of health.

diet should be appropriate to eat more calcium and more food, such as milk, shrimp, etc.(see below).or that is made of calcium tablets.vegetables and more fruit to eat, beef, pork, eat less and so on.

in short,"menopause"pain do not go boil, come to us!

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