academician han qide: why do not i advocate healthy people to do cancer screening? it is possible to harm yourself!

(july 1945~) ​​zhejiang cixi people, the 12th session of the communist party of china(hereinafter referred to as""i do not advocate healthy people to do cancer screening."

"i do not advocate healthy people to do cancer screening."

"i do not advocate healthy people to do cancer screening."

after screening for cancer, in fact, the mortality rate did not decrease, so the significance of this check is really not."

"if you do not go to check the body, otherwise had to be over-checked, over-treatment , the chinese academy of sciences han qide, has reminded people on many occasions, should be alert to the negative effects of early cancer screening.

many people think that early detection, early treatment, will be that really the case?

han qide that health on human health only 8% of the role! cancer patients with increased survival and mortality decline, the progress of treatment technology is an important reason, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment may not be directly related, it should not promote universal cancer screening strategy.

01 what are some cancer screening out? the mortality rate has not been reduced

cancer, kidney cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and other cancer detection rate and mortality and other research data.the results are disappointing-some cancer screening out, the mortality rate did not drop.for example, the following data:

1, the united states:prostate cancer, 13 years after the death rate is no difference

"the united states has a study, 76,000 patients, 55-74 year old male, half of the people once a year to check the prostate cancer, while the other half of people do not check.after a period of time the results are:every 10,000 people, the screening group was found prostate cancer is 108 people, do not check the group(cancer) only 97 people, that is, after the prostate screening found more patients, but after 13 years, regardless of inspection and not check, the two groups died of prostate cancer without any difference."

2, south korea:thyroid cancer, 18 years, no difference in mortality

1993~ 2011, south korea has vigorously carried out early screening of thyroid cancer, the results of thyroid cancer patients increased by 15 times, becoming the largest number of cancer the but in the past 18 years, the country died of thyroid cancer has not changed the number.

in addition, thyroid cancer patients are now more and more(including china), according to the united states, the australian national statistics, in 2012 than in 1975, the patient increased by 3 times, but the same period of thyroid cancer death the rate is also no significant difference.

3, canada:breast cancer, women over the age of 40 have no difference in mortality rates

canadian experts published a study in 2016, with nearly 90,000 40 women in the past year, half of the women each year to do a breast mammography x-ray examination, the other half do not do, the results found that the first five years to do this group to check this group to detect 666 cancer patients, the other group is 524 cancer patients, the case increased by 27%, but the mortality rate is no difference.that is more than 40 years old women do a check every year, she died of breast cancer without any impact.

han qide further explained that in the cancer incidence and cure rate of the reasons for a substantial increase in the analysis, can not rule out there is another possibility, that is, in most cases may only we found more no symptoms and signs, the original conditions can not be found, the progress is very slow(or even growth or may disappear automatically) and will not transfer the so-called"early cancer."

02 vigilance over-health:not for the people, but for the yuan

for over-medical, well-known cardiovascular experts, peking university people's hospital professor hu dayi is rhetoric sternly pointed out:"many people go home every time to see the disease back to a bunch of medicine, 1, china:about 20 million people die each year from drug abuse

hu dayi, for example, said:"there are more than 20 million people die every year."

, china each year about 80,000 people died of antibiotic abuse, about 20 million people died of drug abuse.many people a fever to infusion, the hospital is full of infusion.this is absolutely unseen in the united states, europe, india and there is a noteworthy phenomenon, many elderly people even if no disease, will regularly go to the hospital infusion, because they believe that infusion can dilute the blood, to prevent cerebral thrombosis, which is actually harmful.

2, the united states:90% of doctors feel that there is excessive medical

in the united states, each year 210 billion us dollars due to"excessive medical"and serious is the excessive medical care in the united states?

us plos one magazine survey of 2106 physicians of the american medical association showed that only 4.6% of physicians felt that over-treatment did not exist and that more than 90% of the doctors felt more there are some over-medical, on average, the us doctors feel that 20.6% of the medical services are not necessary, of which 37.7% of doctors think that at least 30-45% of the medical services are not necessary!

3, germany:heart stent, no surgery to restore the rate but high

german physician yeger bleck has many medical field shocking case summed up as"invalid medical", one of the shocking examples is"heart stent surgery."

the surgical experts at the leipzig hospital in germany made a very convincing experiment in which 100% of the patients with coronary artery stenosis were divided into two groups, one in one group and one in the other the a year later, the rehabilitation rate was 70% in the surgery group and 88% in the absence of surgery.

03 health is only 8% of human health, 60% of healthy depends on lifestyle

han qide reminded, should be placed in the medical position.because medical treatment of human health only 8% of the role, more by the way of life, living conditions, funding to determine the protection, so we should have a better, more comprehensive view.

the famous respiratory disease expert, chinese academy of engineering zhong nanshan also believes that in determining the main factors of our health, parents genetic, natural environment, social environment together, accounting for 32%, while medical conditions accounted for only 8% , the remaining 60% of the determinants from the way of life.

what is a healthy lifestyle?

the following series of comics gives the most popular is the second china health science popular science award named the top ten popular comic works, produced by the hubei provincial health education center, the material from the national health commission, the latest release of"health literacy 66"(2015 edition).healthy lifestyles include:a reasonable diet, moderate exercise, a healthy diet, a healthy diet, a healthy diet, a healthy diet, a healthy diet, a healthy diet, quit smoking limit wine, psychological balance four aspects.

work and rest, 7 to 8 hours a day to ensure sleep.

advocate daily consumption of milk, beans and their products.

maintain normal weight and avoid overweight and obesity.

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