after the meal or sit? do not do this after dinner!

today, micro-doctor to talk to you about what to do after dinner.

some people say:sitting after a meal, stomach pain is also easy to get fat.

some people say:standing after a meal, will be stomach ptosis.

some people say:lying down after a meal, will affect the digestion.

it is also said that walking after a meal is the most unhealthy way of life.

in the end how to choose? sit, stand, lie, go, always choose a bar

after sitting, standing, walking, lying, which way better?

can not say which is the best, but should say which way is better for you


the most suitable way for the public

after standing for a while for a long time sitting for work or learning people is a good choice.for those who want to lose weight, this is also a very good way, standing more energy than sitting, reducing fat accumulation, play the effect of weight control.

the first break after half an hour and then start

people often say"after a meal walk, live to ninety-nine", this sentence there is a certain truth, but this walk after dinner is also learned.

put down the habit of chopsticks left is not desirable, because immediately after a meal exercise will affect the breathing, gastrointestinal motility.micro-jun jun recommended half an hour after a meal, we can do some small-scale movement, such as sassafras table, sweeping, etc., rest after half an hour, and then go out for a walk, both to promote digestion, and exercise.

do not let sit down into a habit of

sedentary, and harm.especially for the habit of sedentary office family, finally after dinner there is a free time, you sure to continue to sit? take a rare meal time+lunch break time for a while, will make you a step closer to health.


the most undesirable way

after falling asleep, will make the stomach of the food stay too long, affecting digestive function.another person after the meal will increase gastrointestinal blood flow.the brain's blood volume will be reduced, blood pressure also will drop, then easy to sleep cerebral insufficiency, the formation of cerebral thrombosis, stroke and other serious consequences.if you are tired of eating on the flat, there may be caused by gastroesophageal reflux, which appear vomiting and other symptoms, often this will cause reflux esophagitis.

for people who want to take a bath, it is recommended to digest half an hour later, sleep 20 to 30 minutes in the afternoon will be more spiritual.

"five hurry after a meal"! do not rush to do these things after dinner!

the following things, we will do in daily life, but they may not be suitable for immediately after dinner do oh

we can follow the"half an hour"theorem, after dinner 30 minutes to do.

do not rush to smoke after a meal

the risk of smoking after a meal is 10 times larger than usual this is due to increased gastrointestinal blood circulation after eating, resulting in a large number of harmful ingredients in the smoke absorbed, damage the liver, brain and heart blood vessels, causing these diseases.

do not rush to drink tea after a meal

immediately drink tea after a meal, not only will dilute the gastric juice, theophylline will inhibit gastric acid secretion, affecting the normal digestion of food.and tea in a large number of tannic acid(also known as tannic acid) with food in the protein, iron and other nutrients to produce difficult to digest the coagulation.both increased the burden on the stomach, but also caused the loss of nutrients in vain.

do not rush to drive after a meal

gastrointestinal gastrointestinal digestion of food requires a lot of blood, it will cause the brain temporarily relative to ischemia, the reaction has become the process of driving, easily lead to judgments and operational errors, so that the probability of occurrence of a car accident greatly improved.

do not rush to take a bath after a meal

according to the"china skin cleaning guide", the bath has three taboo time:

1, satiety or hunger;

2, drink;

3, after exercise(labor).

after dinner, in order to digest and absorb, there will be a lot of blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract, and in hot water stimulation, skin blood vessels to expand, part of the blood will flow to the body, leaving the blood of the brain is not much, if coupled with low blood pressure, then it is prone to syncope.

in fact, about the meal can not immediately move the argument, i believe many people to exercise after that meal? micro-jun jun here also unified finishing a bit.

half an hour after a meal:to rest, do not carry out strenuous exercise.

1 to 2 hours after a meal:this time, the highest peak of food digestion has passed, the general movement such as brisk walking, jogging and so can slowly start.

2 to 3 hours after a meal:you can carry out various sports, such as long-distance running, skipping, playing football, playing basketball.

about the three truths before and after meals

1, postprandial exercise will cause stomach ptosis?

gastroptosis is a kind of visceral ptosis, referring to the standing time, the stomach position decreased, the lowest point of the small curvature of the iliac crest line below the look, it seems that stomach drooping and gravity, but in fact the two and not much relationship.common causes of gastroptosis are abdominal organs support ligament relaxation, or severe weight loss, abdominal muscle weakness.therefore, standing to eat, after dinner exercise, and will not fall due to food and lead to stomach ptosis.

2, before meals soup, slim health?

many people want to lose weight should have heard such a sentence:before meals to drink a bowl of soup, can increase satiety, reduce appetite, is conducive to weight loss.but in fact, this sentence is not very correct.

first of all, before the micro-jun jun said, a lot of soup is not really we imagined so"nutrition", for example, milk white soup was presented as white, because the fat, but not everyone imagined in the"nutrition are boiled out."in fact, most of the soup has a lot of salt and oil.

if you want to lose weight, before meals should drink:

20 to 30 minutes before meals, drink a little low calorie soup, such as tea, broth, gruel soup and so for the trotters soup cream soup what, would like to lose weight do not drink.3, fruit before meals to eat or eat after dinner?

about the time when the fruit is really too much to eat, it was said:eat fruit before meals can lose weight; some people say:fasting to eat fruit shangwei; some people say that after dinner eat fruit will bloat, also some people say that after eating fruit to help digestion.....that fruit in the end should eat when it?

in fact, depending on the specific physical condition and the type of fruit.

1) fasting situation, not suitable for direct eating persimmon and other tannic acid higher fruit, long-term consumption, then easy to suffer from stomach stone disease;

2) if you have 3) poor digestive ability is not suitable for eating fruit immediately after a meal, easily lead to food stuck in the stomach, should not be digested, it is not suitable for eating in the meal immediately after the meal;

4) for high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia patients or obese patients, it is recommended to eat fruit before meals, so that fruit can replace a small amount of staple food, reduce the appetite of meals, you can greatly increase the potassium element and dietary fiber intake, is conducive to control blood pressure and blood lipids.

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