for the health of the night do not eat you do it?

the ancients said:"can eat is blessing!"really is this? in fact, do not eat, but also depends on time, see the situation, but also see the amount.for some food, combined with the physiological laws of human operation, sometimes eating may be detrimental to health.

at night to eat, the most particular about at night, unhealthy, do not pay attention to it, then it may cause bodily harm.if you want a healthy diet, first of all need not eat the food can not eat at what food can not eat at night?

[1] should not drink milk

after drinking milk at night will make anger strong, detrimental to the human body at night detoxification, and will make people feel dry mouth want to drink at midnight water is not conducive to sleep.and milk itself is also an allergen, drink milk at night is also very easy to lead to indigestion and other issues.

[2] eat dessert

[3] not eat ginger

at night eating ginger is equal to eat arsenic, the ancients said:"morning to eat ginger, better than eating soup; at night to eat ginger, equal to eat arsenic.ginger flavor of spring temperature, containing volatile oil, ginger peel, resin and ginger at night, people will get angry, labor injury, so should not eat.autumn is dry, it is best not to eat ginger.easy to dry lung injury, aggravate the body dehydration, dry.

p> greasy food not only includes fried foods, there are some high cholesterol content of animal offal and so on.these foods will increase the weight of the intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, stimulate the nerve center; affect the quality of sleep.and three high population should be strictly controlled.

[5] can not eat lychees

at night can not eat a lot of lychee, one reason:special people after eating prone to dizziness, sweating, fatigue, palpitation and even low blood pressure, low blood pressure phenomenon, in the night treatment is not timely threat to life and health; the second reason is:too much litchi consumption of virtual fire phenomenon, causing mouth sores and bleeding.

before drinking tea will not only affect sleep, but also make your kidney damaged.because the tea in the theophylline will make the spirit of excitement, especially the new green tea, after drinking nerves easily excited, resulting in insomnia.

[7] can not eat meat

dinner, with a pot of steamed chicken soup, ribs soup reward yourself may not be a good thing.meat soup than oil, high calorie, the most easy to get fat, not suitable for eating at night, choose the morning or noon to eat this point, may wish to choose some fungus soup.

what is suitable for eating at night? the nutritional value of melon is quite high, and there is no fat, carbohydrate content is very small, the heat is very low, very light.

can help lose weight while also at night to drink a little melon soup, or a good drop

the value of the bedtime premium, containing the rich n-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine.cook a small bowl of cereals, add a little honey mix which is justified.try big mouth big mouth to chew, enough to fill your teeth.also have a certain weight loss effect.

third, the apple

before going to bed at night, eat an apple.can promote digestion, but also play the role of is still a bag of sleeping pills, in addition to smooth serotonin and melatonin, it also contains the effect of muscle relaxation effect of at night, but also play the role of weight loss.

> it is autumn, moisture is more serious.humid people can not afford to fight the whole day, a serious impact on gastrointestinal digestion, head feel dizzy, limbs waist heavy sour, do not want to move, in addition to these, moisture will destroy our spleen and stomach, so that other viruses invade our body, causing a variety of complications.and dampness poison, first spleen and stomach.spleen and stomach, only the most powerful barley.barley in traditional chinese medicine called"coix seed","shen nong's materia medica"will be listed as top grade, it can cure wet bi, lee stomach, eliminate edema, spleen and stomach, jiufu light body qi.

the most barley on the market today is yunnan qujing, guizhou xingren, and fujian jin sha barley, jinsha barley produced in the village of jinsha, dating back thousands of years of history, the song dynasty began a wide range of cultivation, the ming dynasty became a tribute to the court, fujian province xianyou county famous native products.alias ​​jade, jade beads.china's barley a lot, only jinsha barley is the tribute of the court, enough to see the nutrition of jin sha barley high.jin sha barley is also the only country to confirm the use of food and medicine, the only national geographical protection logo barley.chinese medicine that the smaller particles, medicinal value is also higher, and jin sha barley in many barley in the particles is the smallest.

(barley red bean porridge) and(barley lotus porridge)

material:barley 660 grams, red beans(lotus seeds) 205 grams, salt seasoning, gorgon amount

practice:the barley after washing, drain fry.and then red beans(lotus seeds) gorgon washed, all the materials into the pot, add the appropriate amount of water, the fire to open a small fire after burning 4 hours until the barley red beans(lotus seeds) can be cured.

walnut is a kind of walnut.

good nourishing nutrition food, can cure neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia, more dreams.desirable japonica rice, walnut, black sesame amount, simmer simmer into the gruel, with sugar tone, eat at night before going to bed.

how healthy should we be healthy?

dry, easy to induce qiuzao, dry stool, constipation, dry mouth, dry, should eat some ziyin runzao food, such as white fungus, lily, yam, sesame, duck and so radish dried tangerine peel duck soup, jade bamboo lily pork soup, papaya corn peanut raw fish soup, fig white carp soup and other soup, can be a good way to add the body of water required.

2, drink plenty of water

when the weather is relatively dry, the air humidity is relatively low, prone to dry, this time to pay attention to the water.water is the source of our lives, the human body, including other creatures, are inseparable from the water.get up in the morning to drink a cup of water, you can add the loss of water at night; at night to drink two water before going to bed, you can protect the heart.

3, keep a good mood

, easy to make people in a state of excitement, there are grumpy, easy to get angry and other"emotional heat stroke"situation.before and after the beginning of autumn, as the weather gradually cool, people from the excessive emotional adjustment over, then easy to consume too much because of the body energy, and appear weak, sleepy, low mood and so on.

4, sports sweating

life is movement, which we see that the impact of sports on health is great, adhere to exercise, do more fitness exercise is to keep healthy the effective measures of the footer.through the movement of sweat to eliminate the body of toxins, promote the metabolism, exercise can also be effective weight loss and enhance immunity.

gas began to sheng, yang angry, people are very easy to fatigue, so the fall of sleep is very important.sleep can not only health, but also can raise heart.if there is a snoring in the state during sleep, may indicate the risk of disease, especially the persistent, long snoring, may become myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction"accomplice."

three major health taboos in everyday life


susceptible to infection, leading to intestinal mucosal inflammation, bleeding, edema, ulcers, diarrhea, loss of appetite and other symptoms.may also lead to child retardation, severe mental decline or even failure or collapse caused by death.

(2) avoid the overeating

the autumn climate is cool and the harvest season, so people tend to eat too much.intake of excess calories, will be converted into fat accumulation, people remember that eating too much.

autumn weather from cool to cool, the body in order to adapt to this change, physiological metabolism also special attention should not be too spicy, such as bitter gourd, spinach, ice cream, herbal tea and so as to avoid gastrointestinal or digestive diseases.

conclusion:do you eat at night?

do you eat for a few nights?

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