big aunt left do not rush to do these three things or regret the third a lot of people will do

menstruation is accompanied by every normal woman through a long life of the physiological phenomenon, and fertility, dysmenorrhea and other words closely linked to the various physiological knowledge associated with it necessary to understand.such as what is the use of menstruation? normal menstrual flow is how much? dysmenorrhea how to do?

the menstrual bleeding is closely related to the reproductive system development of, the average age of women's menarche is 12 years old, the average age of menopause is fifty-one.menstrual cycle is generally twenty-eight to thirty days, some people cycle is twenty-three to forty-five days, and some people's cycle is a few months or even six months.the length of time between two days to seven days, the total amount of bleeding in the thirty to fifty milliliters between the normal.when women are pregnant, breastfeeding will naturally stop menopause.


women of childbearing age can follow their own menstrual cramps to determine whether they are pregnant.if the normal menstrual period before, but this time has been overdue for more than ten days, there is the possibility of pregnancy.if it is unplanned, you have to take measures to solve.if the plan is pregnant, mothers and partners, family members, timely nursed back to health, into pregnancy

2.early detection of diseases

some women who are more than eighteen years old who have not yet appeared menarche, are likely to have organ lesions, and some non-pregnant women will appear more than menopause march phenomenon, this time women need to go to the hospital for related checks.this is a sign of uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors, endocrine disorders and other diseases, early detection and early treatment.

a genetic disease, so that the body of iron content exceeded, resulting in metabolic disorders, causing the skin, the heart of multiple organ lesions.while women in the menstrual period bleeding is also in the cycle of excessive consumption of iron, greatly reducing the possibility of female illness. promote hematopoietic function

menstrual women to cyclical, routine blood loss of blood loss, but also in the periodic creation of fresh blood, and promote the improvement of female body hematopoietic function the women in the face of accidental blood loss, more than men were rescued, the possibility of not rush to do these three things, the body has a great harm.

1, sexual life

aunt just left, women's vaginal antibacterial ability is still weak, and the endometrium is in the repair stage, this time not only easy to carry the bacteria into the vagina caused by inflammation of the vagina, but also affect the recovery rate of endometrium, resulting in repair endometrial rupture, leading to bleeding.

of menstruation has just gone, the vagina has not yet returned to the usual antibacterial capacity, if at this time to do vaginal examination, it is prone to bacterial infection, health is extremely unfavorable.

because of changes in hormones, vaginal discharge may be more than usual, some female friends thought to use the pad to solve this problem.this is not recommended oh because especially the aunt had just left, the private office to breathe, if the pad pad will affect the private ph is worth recovering.

1.normal menstrual flow

generally speaking, a healthy woman has a blood volume of sixty milliliters every time, if less than thirty milliliters too low, more than eight milliliters is the amount is too high each menstrual period, the normal need for women's sanitary napkins in about two bags, if the consumption of more than three packs of sanitary napkins after the bleeding is still continued, the excessive amount.if less than a pack, then the amount is too little.(1) estrogen less

less likely to be the female's own(p<0.05).

estrogen content is low, the endometrium did not reach a certain thickness.and some adolescent girls, estrogen secretion in the body more chaotic, less by the normal phenomenon.

(2) mood disorders

before menstruation, if the female mood is very unstable, excessive anxiety, bear too much pressure, then the same will cause endocrine incompatibility, caused by the amount too little.

(3) other

some of the more thin, physical quality is not very good, too young women and crazy weight loss women are also prone to the phenomenon of too little by volume.


generally speaking, the amount of too little will not cause the female body fat.but if it is due to polycystic ovarian disease caused by the amount of less, then this disease may cause weight gain.

(2) damage to the appearance of

women's menstrual also detoxification role.some women's menstrual flow by the amount of too little, the result is the body of toxins still retained, can not be completely drained, toxins deposited in the body, there will be stains, poor face and so on.

(3) infertility

irregular menstruation is an important reason for infertility, women have this situation is best to timely medical treatment.

(4) health hazards

menstrual flow is often due to suffering from gynecological diseases, if the treatment is not timely, there will be mental, depression, premature aging and other phenomena, the health of the body should be treated as soon as possible.

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