eat this food migraine is close to you! work class too late to know

many office workers will have an inexplicable migraine in the morning.experts advise that people with a history of migraine are advised to take care of some of the following addition, migraine patients should pay attention to daily diet, starting from the diet, reduce the disease to bring their own pain.let's look at the relevant diet knowledge of migraine patients.

which foods will induce migraines?

1, red bread

many patients migrate shortly after eating beef sausages or other processed meat products.the reason for the headache is that these foods contain nitrite, nitrite and nitroglycerin-induced headache similar to the performance of the two or two zygomatic side of the pulsating pain, about half an hour, sometimes accompanied by facial congestion.2, ice cream

serving ice drinks can cause transient headaches, manifested as the amount of two or two temporal, occipital pain.25 to 60 seconds after eating up to the peak, sustainable 1.2 minutes, the amount of skin temperature drop 1 ℃.it is more likely to occur when physical labor or temperature is too high.

random selection of the crowd, there may be 1/3 of ice cream migraine, migraine in the crowd about 90% of ice cream headache.migraine patients, poor vascular movement regulation, excessive response to cold stimulation, so some people think that ice cream headache is a microcosm of vascular headache is not excessive.3, sodium glutamate

sodium glutamate is mainly one of the ingredients of soy sauce, is a food additive, can increase the taste of food.when the intravenous injection of sodium glutamate, can produce headache, chest burning sensation, and gradually spread to the neck, shoulder and face handan.oral sodium glutamate 1.5-12g, 20 minutes about 1/3 of people produce symptoms.westerners eat chinese food about 3% of people have migraine and facial tightening, known as the chinese food syndrome, which caused the headache factor is sodium glutamate.some patients headache usually occurs after 30 to 45 minutes of drinking.

this period and the blood level of alcohol increased, causing the time required for small arterial dilatation of the skin.because the wine can only make a slight increase in cerebral blood flow, so intracranial vasodilator caused by the basic mechanism of headache is not the main cause of alcoholic migraine.

4, alcohol

some patients headache usually occurs after drinking 30 to 45 minutes.this period and the blood level of alcohol increased, causing the time required for small arterial dilatation of the skin.

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