do not do this day after dinner do not hurt the body!

things to do immediately after a meal hunan children's hospital lei huan 1 smoking

after a meal of cigarettes absorb more toxic substances than usual 10.because people after eating, gastrointestinal motility to speed up the whole body pores all diastolic, this time the body's ability to absorb smoke particularly strong, smoke toxic substances than usual easier to enter the body, the greater damage to the human body.

2 drinking tea

a large amount of tannic acid, after entering the gastrointestinal tract, will make the food contained in the protein into a difficult to digest the solidified substances, thereby hindering the body of protein and other nutrients absorption.

3 stool

increased secretion, increased gastric motility.stool, the intra-abdominal pressure suddenly increased, gastric acid, digestive enzymes forced to reflux to the esophagus, the course of time, may form a reflux food ulcers.immediately after a meal stool may also promote pyloric smooth muscle dysfunction, bile reflux, which induced gastritis, resulting in gastric mucosal congestion, edema, and even erosion or bleeding.

road blood vessels to expand, flow to the gastrointestinal organs of the blood increased in order to digest and absorb food.if the meal immediately after exercise, forcing the blood flow to the motor organs, resulting in inadequate gastrointestinal insufficiency, digestive juice secretion also decreased, over time easy to cause indigestion and chronic gastritis and other diseases.

edit|| xia miao

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