the original ancient people are chrysanthemum disabled such as toilet ass hurt not blame

the story of the ancient emperor we all see without looking, and today we come to a wave of heavy taste, talk about a major event of the the so-called"eat and drink lazar"whether he is dirty or fragrant, always accompanied by people's life.and today we come to see how the ancients how to solve the toilet problem.hope not cause your the so-called"chrysanthemum residue, full of injuries", is a man nine this article estimated that you will know why the hemorrhoids will exist, right?

the ancients deal with toilet health methods abound, but we focus on finding out a few prominent, you can let everyone can imagine several.

first to say an ancient period, we may have experienced a child when a child went out to play when the toilet did not want to do with it? small rivers of course, with stones to solve the problem, then the woods are naturally leaves, but if it is winter that may be reminder, no leaves in winter, only with branches to is estimated that ancient humans are so handled it? after all, our civilization is the dog can not match, think of the way dog ​​processing, simply do not want to continue to write.

rope hanging beam, pull the anus

a european, european people on the toilet for convenience and conservation, tied a large rope on the beam, and then just fell to the toilet next to the toilet, wait until after the end of the toilet, the wonderful place to come.friction friction, friction in this human large anus.can you imagine that scene? pull the rope too hard will not"chrysanthemum disabled"? i think it will.and the more interesting is that the rope is not! use! change! of! repeated use, very uncomfortable.

china's ancient southerners approach more than the north, in some places there are bamboo, they invented a bamboo to deal with after the health.perhaps they feel that the things that can be written can be used to do anything else, bamboo and bamboo, with today's writing paper and toilet paper on a reason.are the same thing through different processing to achieve writing and cleaning after the health.however, there are many small thorns on bamboo, as long as you are a little careless, sorry.certainly is"chrysanthemum disabled" the question is now the panda so little is not the ancient people with too much bamboo?

arabs are simple and rude, and they use a more civilized way to protect their"chrysanthemums".that is finished after a sun drying dried and then weathered it? xiao bian do not know how to deal with this specific after drying.but if the sun is not the sun can do ah? fortunately, the climate of the arab countries is more suitable, this method is not so easy to put the other side.

this is the ancient people on the toilet several ways, interested students can try.but suggested that you do security measures.avoid"chrysanthemum remnants"from me.

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