last night, a young patient with advanced cancer died - how could cancer be prevented?

last night, 38-year-old lung cancer brain transfer of li big brother, rescue invalid died.although the line seen in the clinical line countless times from death, but every time watching a cancer late death of patients, my heart is still not the taste.the most frustrating is that this sadness may have been repeated, because the patient diagnosed with cancer seems to be more and more, and more and more you have no good way to prevent cancer?

there was such a test that the scientists would have the same small the rats are divided into two groups:one is placed in a large space and there are toys, pulleys and other recreational facilities in the environment, this group is called"happy mice"; while the other group is placed in a small and fixed space , and there is no recreational facilities.after a period of time, scientists began to induce tumors in both groups of mice, the results showed that"happy mice"induced tumors significantly smaller than the control group.

this test shows that benign psychoactive stimulation has an inhibitory effect on the tumor.

this is really you angry, gave cancer cells happy what is the relationship between emotion and cancer?

we often see in life, the same is found in the tumor, some people are intimidated, stay at home every day cranky; some people want to open every day to the park exercise, travel around.the quality of life and survival of the latter is much larger than the former.

in fact, the development of tumor cells generally take two or three decades, during this period called precancerous lesions.if the state of mind is good, the diet is balanced, the living habits are healthy, the whole state of the body can be balanced, some potential tumors are not easy to develop; if you encounter life or often muffled, cancer cells may develop rapidly.

mo angry, life is like a it good to be able to get along with the tumor?

yes, in fact, cancer and heart disease, diabetes, hardening is the same as chronic diseases.hypertension, diabetes patients to eat long-term antihypertensive drugs, hypoglycemic agents, and not once and for all the special effects of drugs, the same tumor.if you can treat the tumor peacefully, as a common chronic disease, the human body and the tumor can be in a relatively balanced state, to strengthen disease resistance.that is, the so-called"with tumor survival"concept.

many people find the tumor after the special fear, into the state of anxiety and depression.sometimes the doctor's words, family members sigh, may seriously affect the patient's mood.then how should we adjust the mentality?

we can learn from the experience of the next course scholar:

1.summarize yourself-sum up past lessons and adjust your current life.encounter things, first think about how to deal with similar things in the past, the results of how to sort out to know how to do now.

2.learning people-through reading, reading newspapers, communication and other ways to learn from other people's experience, and then go to practice.

3.patience to adjust the future-self-change to be patient, do not rush.many people are used to develop a lifetime, it is impossible to solve overnight.

are these experiences useful only for middle-aged people?

no, no middle-aged group is most concerned about health knowledge, but at present, including a variety of diseases, including cancer was young trend.should be from childhood to strengthen the relevant education and knowledge, teach children how to maintain physical and mental health and good way of life.

summary:disease prevention and control should be the whole life process, popular science long way to go, control emotions, away from cancer.

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