no matter what kind of diabetes you have a prescription to help you put blood sugar down to

with the improvement of chinese medicine hypoglycemic theory, more and more sugar friends choose to take traditional chinese medicine treatment of diabetes, many people benefit from the whole body through the scientific conditioning, the islet function to the normal level, out of the complications of complications.

there are also some sugar friends reaction, others with a valid chinese medicine side, to their own body no effect, or even counterproductive, but high blood sugar.

i would like to remind everyone that the chinese pay attention to dialectical therapy, diabetes chinese medicine is also divided into different causes, without professional diagnosis on the blind use, is bound to be diametrically opposed.

today i will share the four prescriptions, respectively, for different types of diabetic patients, you can according to their symptoms condemnation, the correct election, will be satisfied with the results, can give me a message to help you specific analysis.

features:more common in patients over 50 years of age,"more than three"(drink, eat, polyuria) symptoms are not obvious, but accompanied by abdominal distension, diarrhea, shenpi fatigue, impotence, spontaneous perspiration, white tongue, the

prescription:poria 9 grams, 9 grams of peony, atractylodes 6 grams, 9 grams of ginger, aconite 5 grams.

practice:shuijianbi day 1, 3 times taking.

features:"more than three"symptoms, lip red throat, pale, palpitation shortness of breath, dizziness, tinnitus, hand, foot and heart heat, insomnia, small yellow, dry stool, thin tongue coating, red tongue, less tianjin.

prescription:30 grams of ophiopogon japonicus, ginseng 30 grams, 30 grams of poria, astragalus 30 grams, 30 grams of ebony, licorice 30 grams, 45 grams of trichosanthin, pueraria 45 grams.

practice:the above-mentioned medicinal herbs powder into the pill, such as marbles large, 1 pills a day, warm soup delivery service.

:winter is particularly cold, summer and particularly afraid of heat, yellow and thin, dry hair, dumb dumb, hot hot night sweats, nocturia, loose stools, urine ketone high, white tongue, phlegm or bloody sputum.

prescription:curculigo 9 grams, 9 grams of epimedium, morinda 9 grams, 9 grams of angelica, cork 6 grams, 6 grams of anemarrhena.

practice:shuijianbi day 1, 2 times taking.

:mouth bitter throat, head dry astringent pain, gum swelling and pain, mouth sores, body weight loss, men's spermatorrhea, women thin leucorrhea, dry stool, urine volume or urine red, thin or no fur fur, tongue dry.

prescription:yellow powder 50 grams, 50 grams of trichosanthin, raw yellow powder 50 grams, milk, fresh lotus juice, ginger juice amount.

practice:the above materials mixed into a paste, 3 times a day, each 6 grams.

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