dinner this food nutrition experts resolutely do not touch! you better do not eat!

dinner may be the only family meal for the majority of the three meals a day.

many families are all enjoyable, the food is relatively rich.

but this meal, you choose to eat the food, with your health are closely related!

dinner 5 do not touch, eat healthier

compared to say what to eat, it is better to remind everyone what food is best to eat dinner

is not according to the survey data show that the health of the elderly in the angina, myocardial infarction, diabetes, and long-term eating a rich dinner has a very close relationship.

a large number of high-protein, high-fat, high-energy foods , will make blood lipids, blood sugar suddenly rose.

the slowness of blood flow during sleep, increased coagulation of large amounts of blood lipids, easy deposition in the blood vessel wall, to promote atherosclerosis and thrombosis;

at dinner, will accelerate the reduction of impaired glucose tolerance, increase the burden on the pancreas, promote pancreatic aging, the ultimate occurrence of diabetes, severe may lead to pancreatic cancer.>>

rice.note that there is leftovers left here, mainly in addition to animal meat, other vegetables, soy products, river fish and so on.pork and other animal meat, save the time can be longer, after the overnight(p., by adequate heating can be eaten.

but seafood, river fish, soy products, etc., after overnight easy to produce harmful substances, it is best not to eat overnight need special mention of green vegetables, they are more or less contain nitrates, nitrates easily oxidized into nitrite carcinogens, it is recommended that the best 4 hours to eat.in recent years, mala tang, spicy crayfish, red hot pot is very popular, many people actually choose dinner to eat these spicy food.

and long term this may affect your sleep.

a study by the international journal of psychophysiology found that, dinner add spicy spices such as pepper, mustard and so on, resulting in 6/10 of the male subjects with poor sleep quality.

not only that, spicy food will stimulate the stomach, affecting digestion and absorption, easy to produce flatulence, pantothenic acid and other symptoms.

do not touch dessert pastries

after dinner, bowl of sugar or eat cakes and desserts, just match the fairy~(yes, eat dessert, mid-autumn moon cake has long been listed) but it is in the evening is the"junk food", in addition to a lot of sugar and saturated fat.

, lack of nutrition is relatively scarce.

a study by the journal of psychology and body shows that 7/10 people are eating a nightmare for eating sweets like"junk food"before going to bed.occasionally eat and down, often so, no wonder you always do nightmares so fat.

do not touch too much gas food

the lack of digestion of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides and other carbohydrate enzymes, so this kind of food in the small intestine is not easy to be digested, until it is used in the large intestine by the decomposition of bacteria, and then produce a lot of gas.

dinner eat too much of these foods for poor people , more likely to flatulence, affect sleep.

these foods include:

beans, cabbage, onions, green cauliflower, sprouts, green peppers, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, corn, banana, citrus fruits, grapefruit and add sorbitol(sweetener) beverages and desserts.

how much do you eat dinner?

the however, the general recommendations, early, afternoon and evening meals intake of heat should be accounted for 30% of the total heat, 40% and 30%.

of course, that there is a prerequisite to eat:

like the elderly, less night activities, sleep earlier can eat less;

and mental workers, calorie requirements than physical activity of the people is relatively small, can also be appropriate reduction.

i need to go to night work, but at night to eat a good meal, but a while!

for those who need to drive a night train or get used to working at night, they can not eat too little.such people sometimes need to work until the morning, if the night to the nutritional supply is not on, but will cause gastrointestinal diseases and low blood sugar, not only adverse health, but also affect the work and study.

at this time should be eaten according to need, eat, if necessary appropriate increase in supper.a glass of milk, a few slices of biscuits, or a boiled egg, a snack, etc., can add a certain amount of energy and nutrition.

finally remind you that when eating, or do not watch tv, play mobile phone friends.

concentrate on eating, chewing slowly, even the rice is more delicious, you say right!