wake up in the morning do not do this thing the risk of cancer higher times! did you do it?

many people often hold back urine is often the case, while many people are dependent on the bad habits of the bed, especially after the wake of the weekend morning, even if the urine do not want to get up, want to stay in the blanket meeting.however, studies have confirmed that there are those who recall urine habits, the possibility of suffering from bladder cancer than the average person 3 to 5 times higher

what are the hazards of holding urine?

hold back urine great harm to the body.urinary tract infection urine often have a small amount of bacteria and toxic substances, urine for a long time storage of the bladder, is conducive to bacterial growth and reproduction, easily lead to cystitis, urethritis and other urinary tract infections.the number of urination has a very close relationship with the incidence of bladder cancer.the less the number of urination, the greater the risk of bladder cancer, because holding urine increased the role of urinary carcinogens in the bladder time.

many prostatitis patients often have the habit of holding back urine, this can also spread up to the kidneys, and even damage the kidney function.

smoking is the most common cause of carcinogenesis, often associated with multiple tumors occurs, and 30% of the incidence of bladder cancer patients with smoking, according to the statistics of smoking the risk of bladder cancer is twice the risk of non-smokers.this may be related to carcinogens containing a variety of aromatic amine derivatives in tobacco, the longer the smoking time, the greater the amount of smoking, the greater the risk of developing the tumor.2, accompanied by chronic infection of the bladder and foreign body long-term stimulation of the crowd

such as bladder stones, long-term indwelling catheterization, bladder diverticulum, egyptian schistosomiasis cystitis, bladder cancer in this group of squamous cell carcinoma is more common in patients with bladder cancer and other long-term stimulation of the bladder the

3, long-term large number of people taking analgesic drugs

analgesic drugs such as long-term large doses, 10 years cumulative 5 to 15 kg, may lead to bladder cancer.this may be due to the chemical structure of the drug similar to the incubation period may be as long as 25 years.

the exact mechanism of bladder cancer is not clear, in addition to race, genetic and other factors, occupation, smoking history and the environment are important factors.working environment, smoking or hobbies eat pickled foods, will make some harmful ingredients in the metabolism into the bladder, the persistence, even if the patient emptying the urine, the new generation of harmful ingredients in the urine will appear in the bladder, the same will have a negative impact on the bladder.

reduce the risk of suffering from bladder cancer can not be resolved by physical urination, but to develop good habits, such as smoking cessation, eating fresh food, as far as possible to improve the harmful living environment, reduce harmful substances of the absorption and generation, while developing the habit of drinking water, increase the amount of urine to dilute the bladder of undesirable substances, reduce its concentration in the bladder, reduce the malicious stimulation of the bladder wall.