bit specialists common voice: do these things you are sick!

doctors are struggling to save the first line of people, who have a deeper understanding of how to stay healthy.the following xiaobian summed up the words of several department doctors, in their view, there are some things do not do the best not to do, or may get sick upper body.

1, oncologist:"moldy food do not eat."

peanut, corn, nuts and other foods once moldy, it may produce aflatoxin will seriously damage the health, long-term consumption will increase the risk of disease or even cancer.

moreover, washing and high temperature cooking is also difficult to destroy it, must not eat.

2, heart physician:"cold do not strenuous exercise."

mild influenza when the right amount of exercise is possible, but only to do moderate exercise, not to do strenuous exercise.

after the cold, the body will speed up the metabolism, then do more intense activities, will let the body heat increased, faster metabolism, energy consumption addition, the cold resistance of people as before, the virus will take advantage of, it is easy to induce acute myocarditis, cardiopulmonary dysfunction, etc., must pay attention.

3, blood physician:"dyed hair can not be too frequent."

so, hair can not dye is not dyed, it is desirable to dye up to six months once.

a lot of people will use the teeth as a variety of tools, such as scissors, pliers, opener and many more.but exposure to these hard objects can cause serious damage to the teeth, and even the edge of the teeth rupture.5, kidney physician:"do not hold back for a long time."

like holding back urine will weaken the body's ability to resist infection, induced cystitis and other urinary tract infections, the long run leading to kidney disease.

traditional chinese medicine is also a drug, such as dendrobium, its drug gan han, the main role is ziyin heat.

but if your body is cold, and the body is fat, strong, you can not eat metal dendrobium.

therefore, taking traditional chinese medicine health care products, to clear its medicinal properties and their own physical, can really play the effect.

7, orthopedic surgeon:"do not always sit on the soft sofa."

people sit on the soft sofa, the lack of support lumbar, pelvis easily backward, over time will let the waist muscle strain, bone hyperplasia, and even lead to lumbar disc herniation.

the best choice for a hard chair with a backrest, buttocks full contact with the chair, waist back can be close to the back, so that the pressure on the lumbar disc will be much smaller.

8, pharmacists:"cold do not eat at the same time several drugs."

life in the common"liver", many are due to frequent changes in patients with their own drugs, medication.

take the cold medicine, most of the cold medicine contains antipyretic analgesic ingredients-acetaminophen, if a single take a variety of cold medicine, or mixed with western medicine, the total dose will be unknown unexpectedly over the range, leading to liver damage.

therefore, before the medication, you must carefully read the drug manual, not unauthorized use of drugs.

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