the emergence of this symptom on behalf of your heart has to die

with the extended life of the people, the improvement of diet, the incidence of heart disease is also rising.however, the incidence of heart disease is light to heavy, in the event of severe before there will be some warning signs, if you can find early symptoms and early intervention treatment, you can avoid the emergence of sudden myocardial infarction.

these parts of the problem, means that your heart there is a big problem: long-term dark brown or dark purple.

many heart failure, advanced heart disease patients will darken the skin, this is because the heart function is insufficient, resulting in long-term hypoxia of body tissue and blood, showing dark brown or dark purple.

2 face pale and purple, or looking often like a baby-like flushing.

face gray and white can be a lot of people aware of.but the face flushing is often overlooked, and even seen as a good symbol of health and fact, looking purple may be early heart disease, but flushing, it is likely to be rheumatic heart disease, need to be treated as soon as possible.

the nose is red or very hard.

hard nose tips heart fat accumulation too much, and nose redness, is a clear indication of heart disease.

4.abnormal breathing.

some people do not exercise, but the situation of shortness of breath, or a little activity on the panting.this is the heart failure, and even the performance of heart failure.

heart disease can cause systemic blood supply and oxygen abnormalities, the brain bear the brunt.if the brain can not get enough blood supply, naturally will often dizzy.

6.after the event of toothache, throat like drinking pepper water, upper arm pain, shoulder pain.

some heart disease patients with atypical symptoms, and even never had chest tight chest pain symptoms.but after exercise or dry physical labor, but there toothache, sore throat, diarrhea and other symptoms, break for a while these symptoms disappeared, it is likely to be heart disease.

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