cancer is the most tortured patient is this thing! ordinary people can not understand

authoritative data show that the number of cancer patients in china rising, the number of new cases of malignant tumors every year has reached 12,000 cases 1, and cancer pain as the most common cancer patients with concomitant disease, its occurrence rates of up to 61.6% 2, about 1/3 of patients suffering from cancer treatment of pain, more than 2/3 late cancer patients with pain symptoms, 50% of the pain for moderate to severe, of which 30% of intolerable severe pain.cancer pain in the end how painful it? how can we help them relieve pain?

, mild cancer pain:can tolerate, can live, sleep is basically not disturbed;

the use of general analgesics;

2, moderate cancer pain:persistent pain, sleep is disturbed, loss of appetite;

in the use of general analgesics at the same time, assisted opioid analgesics; at night taking tranquilizers and hypnotics;

severe cancer pain:unbearable severe pain, severe interference with sleep and diet;

according to individual circumstances, the regular use of potent opioid analgesics.

sun yat-sen university cancer center professor zhang li received an online interview with family doctors that cancer pain can occur in every stage of cancer, more than one-third of cancer patients with moderate or severe pain, cancer severe pain will seriously affect the patient's sleep, appetite, immunity, accelerate the development of the tumor, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients, but also torture their families, and even lead to suicide patients.

cancer pain and the pain of ordinary people is the same state?

of course not the same.everyone will have pain, this pain is a physiological pain.for example, the arm is a needle, this is a physiological pain is a defense system of the human body, but also the protection of the human body.the human body in order to prevent the external environment of a protective response to the injury.

and cancer pain itself is a disease.why do you say that? mainly due to cancer pain itself can make the nervous system damage.cancer pain not only make the patient uncomfortable, reduce the quality of life of patients, due to pain continue to the nervous system, continuous stimulation of the nervous system can cause damage to the nervous system itself.

what is a good way to relieve cancer pain?

1, oral drug therapy is the most basic and most important treatment methods.

oral drug treatment methods and precautions are:oral administration, according to the provisions of the time of administration, medication requires the doctor to guide, pay close attention to the reaction after treatment, according to ladder medication.

the benefits of oral administration are:medication is simple, dose adjustment is convenient, and more the treatment of cancer pain, health care workers to be expected to opioids and other side effects may be brought in the prescription opioids, while the patient prescription to prevent some side effects of drugs, such as constipation will bring a little slow release agent.2, non-drug treatment methods are mainly hot and cold, comfortable position, meditation, massage, listening to music, deep breathing and relaxation exercises.but experts say that these are only auxiliary methods, and can not replace drug therapy.

3, the most important anti-cancer pain or the patient itself, family members and health care workers only play a supporting role.the patient itself to recognize their own diseases, brave to fight with cancer pain, to maintain an optimistic attitude, and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, standardized treatment of cancer pain, it is possible to alleviate the pain caused by cancer pain.

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