"more and more longevity," these things to do more to do more longevity first best for men and women do

health and longevity is the eternal topic of life, people want to live a lot of longevity, but really few people really live up to longevity.it is undeniable that society now has a better life expectancy than before, but on the one hand because people have a scientific way of life, on the other hand, people are beginning to pay attention to the body's self-care.in fact, some things in life have an impact on longevity.

these things seem very ordinary, but when we ignore the , for health help, for longevity more impact.here's a look at it

the more lonely kisses

many small partners see a certain question after the question, how can the end of the longevity help? foreign scientists have found that people who often kiss the life of life than the basic or rarely kiss life of 5 years, kiss is actually a very good cosmetic therapy, because when people kiss, the face of all 34 muscles movement up, which will make the skin long to keep rosy and smooth.more help is when people kiss, the two sides are happy to enhance the heart also accelerated beating, for health and longevity, the elderly should also kiss each other! it is important that you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend!

the more lonely life

germany"the results of a study in the journal public library of science show that men who survived the holocaust survived longer than those of the same age men who did not experience concentration camps.scientists call this phenomenon"post-traumatic growth", which promotes survivors' personal survival skills and interpersonal relationships to develop and improve.so those who survived the massacre of life on the meaning of a deeper understanding, because suffered a hardship, the heart will be more strong!

a proverb, called"old to busy, long life", the reality also has a case, china is very famous painter qi baishi on their own longevity is outspoken:"do not teach a day idle."xinhai revolution old man yu yu lived a hundred years old, left the"busy old, lonely old"classic sentence.life is movement.busy is actually a kind of exercise, you can shuxin huoxue, you can keep fit, busy can be longevity.however, can not be busy, to be busy with quality, such as reading, writing articles, jumping square dance, playing tai chi can make their own body more and more healthy, life is getting longer and longer.

the longer the kidney is, the longer the life is

the kidney is the body of the important organs, the kidneys is the body of the water purifier, the body of water to filter out the harmful substances removed, while the kidneys will filter the blood.in the traditional chinese medicine on the"kidney"is also very seriously, the kidney and the five elements of the"water"together, called"kidney water."kidney water is running normally, people on the health, spirits, longevity; if the kidney is insufficient, the other parts of the body will produce discomfort.the ancients once said:"the kidney is shou yan, kidney failure is short."

so men want to save the essence of essence, so that the essence of kidney essence, which can be marrow, bone, raising the brain the remember to keep"kidney"can be extended.