how long is the emergency warning of diabetes before you? the

people often say"see micro-know", observe things from the tiny signs, foresee a significant change may occur.prevention of diabetes complications, but also the case, read the signal from the body, early detection, early treatment:


1, eye signs

abnormal eye performance for the pupil smaller, blurred vision.

because of long-term poor blood sugar control, eye blood vessels and optic nerve damage.ptosis, blurred vision, diplopia, headache, dizziness and other symptoms are early warning signals of diabetic eye disease.

abnormal performance is mainly due to abnormal earwax.

the study found that compared with healthy people, diabetes, earwax more, and often the more serious the disease, the more the earwax.therefore, those who feel itchy, and earwax abnormal increase, should pay attention to whether the poor blood sugar control.

refers to the night urine output or the number of abnormalities increased.

this type of sugar friends in addition to the increase in the amount of urine or the number of times, often both lack of sleep, lack of energy, loss of appetite, anxiety and irritability, apathetic embolism.

4, oral signs

oral abnormalities mainly for toothache, tooth loss and other symptoms.

appear oral burning sensation, oral mucosal dry sugar friends, should observe the presence of gum swelling, toothache pain, loose teeth or discomfort, if any, should be vigilant.

5, skin signs

the abnormal performance of the skin mainly for hand, foot and ringworm, folliculitis embolism.

such as tinea corporis, hand, ringworm and candida infection caused by paronychia, recurring folliculitis, boils, carbuncle and skin ulcers and other diseases, severe cases and even lead to local tissue necrosis or gangrene, etiology mostly fungal infections, fungal infections prone to the body warm and humid parts(such as genital, breast, toes, etc.).

6, sweating signs

sweating abnormal performance mainly for the sweat out of sweating, sweat, sweat and sweat.

after a long period of diabetes, the body is righteousness deficiency, physical not hot, sweating common hand sweat.wrist skin sweating is often a sign of diabetes into the medium term.

7, kidney signs

the abnormal performance of the kidneys mainly urinary albuminuria in the urine.

microalbuminuria may be a precursor to diabetic nephropathy.some sugar friends diagnosed with diabetes, and no obvious symptoms, when the detection of microalbuminuria, the course of diabetes may be about 10 years.

the study found that the incidence of adolescent sugar friends, to 50 years of age when nearly 40% of sugar friends developed into severe kidney disease, hemodialysis and renal transplantation.8, autonomic nerve related signs

abnormal manifestations of autonomic nerve mainly for heart rate, stomach fullness and other symptoms.

heart rate, quiet heart rate up to 90-100 times/min.normal nighttime heart rate than the daytime slow, and such sugar friends at night and heart rate changes little day from lying or squatting standing, often accompanied by dizziness, weakness, palpitation, sweating, serious fainted.

9, limb signs

limb abnormalities mainly for skin pain, bone pain and other symptoms.

public platform[diabetes family nursed back to health] to tell you:from the limbs of the disease feel more from the toes, after several months or years gradually deteriorated.symptoms from very light discomfort, lighter"skin pain"to unbearable pain or deep"bone pain".

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