blood trash the enemy of middle age don't eat a bad is you

splash, high blood fat, are the result of the blood of garbage, remove rubbish from the blood, to make your blood work, every kind of food is under the blood of garbage predators, remember to eat!

green pepper: prevent blood clotting

let's count peppers contain nutrients, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, can effectively prevent blood clots.In addition to the chlorophyll, can effectively remove toxins in the blood.

middle-aged later don't eat blood, the enemy of garbage, who is your

green peppers and other vegetables, it is only with the oil, to make vitamin C, and carotene is easier to be absorbed by human body.

the best way is: with beef tendon, Chinese prickly ash, ginger, onion and green pepper and served in accordance with their own taste seasoning, such a green pepper nutrients would be more preserved.

yeast: strengthen insulin

yeast is rich in chromium, strengthen the function of insulin, treatment for diabetes.Breakfast drink a cup of fruit juice plus half a teaspoon yeast, still can remove excess fat and cholesterol.

green tea: optimal regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar agent

middle-aged later don't eat blood, the enemy of garbage, who is your

green tea, can lower cholesterol and triglyceride content of human body.In addition, green tea catechins, also contains special ingredients in preventing blood oxidation, prevent the rise of blood pressure, blood sugar, make blood circulation more smoothly.

in addition to a cup of tea, can also "to the tea into the dish.Will green tea grinding to pieces, and then rub on the surface of pasta, such as bread, steamed bread, etc.Steamed through flavor, can achieve good absorption effect, taste is also very good, might as well try.

black beans: blood circulation catalyst

a lot of people know, black hair, black beans can let a person actually black beans can also be blood.Black beans are a magic food, can help the blood circulation, regulate gastrointestinal function, strengthen metabolism ability, and actively to the whole body.

thanks to the black beans contain anthocyanins, which is a kind of polyphenols, have good health care function to the blood, and extremely easy to be absorbed by human body, the effect is significant. about how to eat black soya bean, click the blue word not to be missed wonderful content: there are so many good women often eat black beans It's a pity that not many people know the

kiwi: vascular soft toughening tool

middle-aged later don't eat blood, the enemy of garbage, who is your

kiwi fruit of vitamin C, content is quite rich.Every 100 grams of kiwi fruit, contains 69 mg of vitamin C, is one of the synthesis of collagen necessary raw materials.Kiwi fruit can help us build strong flexibility of blood vessels, and has the role of regulating blood pressure.

kiwi fruit can also treat loss of appetite, improve sleep quality and jaundice, hernia, hemorrhoids, kiwi squeezed into juice, add right amount honey.

it is important to note that the kiwi fruit juice, had better keep the skin, because kiwi fruit skin also contains nutrients blood, still can enhance the taste of fruit juice.

kelp: promote blood harmful substances out

contains rich iodine in kelp, regular consumption can prevention and control of iodine deficiency of the human body.Some ingredients in kelp can also be combined with the harmful substances in the blood, thus promotes the excretion of these substances.In addition, often eat kelp also has the effect that reduce weight.

cabbage: blood vessels will play

middle-aged later don't eat blood, the enemy of garbage, who is your

cabbage for healthy blood, can hardly the big ones.Its in addition to vitamin C, potassium, calcium and dietary fiber, but also has strong antioxidant activity of isothiocyanates, and rare U vitamins and vitamin K.These vitamins can protect blood vessel membrane, accelerate the blood circulation, make blood vessels more strong and elastic.

in addition, the cabbage has protective effect of mucosal cells, on the prevention and cure of gastritis and peptic ulcer good clinical effect.

wakame: blood detoxification good helper

a lot of people don't know, containing wakame magical alginic sugar gum, can not only strengthen the liver function, can enhance immunity function.

wakame contains unique seaweed mucus, will be attached in the blood sodium out of the body, so as to achieve the aim of for blood detoxification.Regular consumption can improve the body's immune function, promote the metabolism of fat, reducing blood fat, fall blood pressure, soften blood vessels, increase myocardial energy, lowering sleep peacefully, detoxification spot.

celery: to maintain blood pressure stable

middle-aged later don't eat blood, the enemy of garbage, who is your

often use celery have certain effect to maintaining the stability of blood pressure, this is because the celery contains potassium and celery and so on, at the time of eating celery, celery can be after blanch, add garlic, vinegar after cold food, also can put the celery juice after drinking.

mung bean: promote the heavy metals to rule out

as we all know, mung bean has the effect of detoxification, blain blain skin quality, and the crowd, acne, regulate endocrine disorders, can eat mung bean porridge, green bean soup.

black fungus: prevention and treatment of anemia

middle-aged later don't eat blood, the enemy of garbage, who is your

black fungus is rich in iron, often eat black fungus for prevention and treatment of anemia in the human body is very good.In addition, black fungus and cholesterol-lowering effect, eat frequently good for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.Cotton long-term job people should eat black fungus, reduce the incidence of stones.

under the condition of chronic stress and depression, it's easy to get white hair, black fungus in the trace elements can make a hair pitch-black shine.

leek: gastrointestinal peristalsis

leek contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and protein, vitamin A, C, beta-carotene and A large amount of cellulose, can enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis, has A good laxative.

grapes: inhibition of platelet aggregation

middle-aged later don't eat blood, the enemy of garbage, who is your

red grapes contain resveratrol, it is a natural substance to lower cholesterol.Animal experiments show that resveratrol can make cholesterol lowering, inhibit platelet aggregation.Grape is to purify the blood, therefore, the effect is very good fruit.

and black grapes contain potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals is higher, will be great help for neurasthenia, excessive fatigue, which can effectively resist fatigue.

apple: inhibition of platelet aggregation

the apple is effective blood cleanser, patients with hypotension or atherosclerosis disease should eat the apple.The effect of apple also has the function of promote lymphatic system.In addition, apple juice will accelerate intestinal peristalsis, the summer if you can eat an apple after dinner, staying in shape, not only can prevent disease of department of gynaecology.

in the food nutrition is very much, sometimes the treatment of diseases and health care without auxiliary on diet, more food efficacy hope you can understand!

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