sun li: you don't know the slasher


now is treasure mom's grandson couple, two children still white water embellish skin, slim, beautiful and moving, more than ten years face did not change, all of this with her usual health preservation and maintenance.

restorative result: the weight be 100 catties, look 95 jins, this state is the best.

grandson couple: a spree of preserve one's health of you don't know

how to nourish the body and skin?

you may not believe, I haven't go to the beauty salon, there is no time for the first, second, I prefer to spend two hours time to soak in the gym, sports bring my experience better, also promote the whole body blood circulation.Skin care, I think it important to primary care and makeup every day, morning and evening apply face film.Keeping in good health, I has been sticking to soak the foot every day.Only 10 minutes, remove the moisture content in the day and cold, help sleep and do not waste water.Actually not a secret, is known to everybody, mainly in, any preserve one's health is not a day or two to see results.Human metabolic usually 28 days of a cycle, you may be after two or three cycles will be aware of the change of the body.

anecdotal hearsay empress all night, have a special diet to pay attention to?

I have been trying to eat two meals a day, feel very comfortable.Actually to today, city people's basic life not be malnutrition, we each people belong to the constitution of excess nutrients, don't need so much food.Too much nutrition, it will make the body produce all sorts of inflammation, the higher the, all is the result of overnutrition.I try to make their own food is light, will be periodically vegetarian, so are the benefits of my intestines and stomach slowly adapted to the don't eat so much every day.Two days ago because the work need to eat some rice in the field, but particularly uncomfortable, this two days back to Shanghai again to eat breakfast and lunch and dinner drink a little porridge gunk, match again a bowl of tremella, immediately feel a lot better.

grandson couple: a spree of preserve one's health of you don't know

we care about the point is, how do you like to be as thin and beautiful?

I'm just a body fat into muscle, muscle to protect my bones.Fitness coach always told me, I hope my weight can reach 100 jins, but it seems only 95 jins weight, this state is the best.

so many health skills from where to get to?

I am healthy without fans, in magazines, news, TV, in every region of the circle of friends, as long as see about the content of the health will be special to attract me, and I can do it, you'll never forget.Often have friends told I recommend, where where Chinese medicine very good, I would like a white mouse go to see the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, absorption of his theory, feel he is how to preserve one's health, how to understand the health.I often go to see the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, also do not take medicine, let him take a pulse.Recently I was at the huangdi neijing, take medicine is it say in the last step, you can go to massage, acupuncture, hot compress, moxibustion, diet, the last is to take medicine.The benefits of TCM are they will tell me what this season food for me, I will give myself to talk on different porridge and soup, have the effect very much.

grandson couple: a spree of preserve one's health of you don't know

feel you not far from a health book also.

I also want to!You may not know, I every day to make their own health notes, ate what do what.My body is very sensitive, any uncomfortable I will record down, over time, will know about your body more and more.

high health literacy, certainly in the circle of friends also is a health nut?

are basically.Type, my lifestyle, so friends must be and I get along well aura, otherwise the schedule is not consistent.I have a lot of friends with a special focus on internal physical and mental nursing, often communicate with each other.Now friends, everybody is a cup of tea, meditation, a vegetarian, sports, yoga together, we have a fixed place and time, such as a Sunday morning yoga together, as long as there is time every week, I will practice pilates twice, and then walk a few kilometers of road, all of these are already into the habit of my blood.

not filming schedule every day?

get up at 7 o 'clock in the morning, accompany children to eat breakfast, then read, and deal with some things.Then play with her daughter, at noon to eat a meal, afternoon go to sports, then up son, accompany them to eat a meal to chat at night, to sleep at half past nine.

grandson couple: a spree of preserve one's health of you don't know

flying at ordinary times, what will take the item with you?

will bring a neck pillow, also have their own cup.I never drink to drink warm water, cold water.If is the plane will take a book, watching health books recently.

what is your favorite way to travel?

absolutely not with tour group, along with the gender, completes the strategy, with her family and friends to play together.Don't put the single purpose and contents of doing too much, so no key, can give us some thoughts to the next.

recommend a travel destination.

as long as there is the sea, blue sky and the grass, is a good destination.I travel now, I will from where to take their children to better, so as long as there is health food, health, water, weather, I like it all.It is important, don't fly too far, I don't want to leave Shanghai home is more than a week.

grandson couple: a spree of preserve one's health of you don't know

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