mofu drink it tomorrow is better than a panacea for walks all day disease

the dog days of this year, unknowingly went to MoFu.On August 11, 2017 - August 20, 2017 MoFu to 10 days, want to winter disease summer have to grasp the last of the last bus, because, after all this year's summer you also eat a lot of wet poison, let alone this summer, you haven't changed hands hold watermelon, connected to WIFI, blowing air conditioning.Cool things, eat a lot!Wet poison in the body, it seems, are almost broke out,,,,

MoFu drink it, tomorrow is better than a

July and August every year is called the summer long, the moisture in season, in the body of the spleen and accordingly.Wet also called "Yin evil" in TCM, and spleen to Yin "dirty, or wet, dry evil so temper in July when the most exuberant.Excessive moisture, is easy to damage the spleen.At the same time, the spleen and the main transport water fluid, its characteristic is sun be the spirit prone to failure, Yin qi Yi Cheng, origin assault after human body is the most easy to damage the spleen Yang, and the weakness of spleen Yang also further add to the origin of intrusion, finally the origin will lead all ills.

MoFu drink it, tomorrow is better than a

let's to measure, take a look at your body to see if there is moisture

1, up in the morning, bad breath, tongue coating yellow

when we tongue out, found that the tongue is very fat, color slants thin.Tongue coating Bai Hou toothed even mark, this is serious wet sleepy pixu (spleen deficient).Accompanied by a loss of appetite, heavy body, enough sleep

2, daily love oil, facial hair sleek, sleeping, leave the saliva (moisture saturated flow), big belly, ears wet ear zen (wet), wet genitals are body with moisture.

3, stool frequency is not normal, go to the toilet when found the shit long time, forming thin pond;Always stuck on the toilet, do not flush with water, this also means that the body moisture;Humid, can also lead to constipation.

MoFu drink it, tomorrow is better than a

the more moisture accumulation in the body, the body will collapse, when going to see a doctor, to regret, is powerless.So, in the life, we must pay attention to eating habits and routines.

a, diet, quit big fish big meat

don't eat spicy taste of food, avoid to eat cold drinks and sweets, avoid drinking smoking, also not too thin, attention should be paid to hun vegetable collocation, in daily life, eat some food clearing damp.Semen coicis and semen coicis, pearl barley, is a common traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).Is common, often eat food, taste sweet, cold, good water swelling, invigorating spleen to wet, relaxes the muscles except bi, the effect such as clear heat abscess, for the water moisture penetration.

MoFu drink it, tomorrow is better than a

best clearing damp effect than semen coicis bubble water, coix seed clearing damp effect as far back as ancient records," compendium of materia medica "records:" coix seed can building up benefit stomach, lung heat, moisture penetration to the wind.Coix seed bubble water, health clearing damp not only, still can prevent disease.

MoFu drink it, tomorrow is better than a

coix seed red bean porridge

material semen coicis 50 grams, 50 grams of red bean, Gordon euryale seed 10 g, 5 g medlar.Coix seed red bean with hot blisters more than two hours, then will have all the materials together into the pot, put the right amount of water, 2 hours and a half hours slow fire, the fire according to personal taste to join the rock candy can.

semen coicis longan porridge

material: red bean, 300 g, 100 g, coix seed, longan 30 g.The coix seed, longan, red bean wash clean, with water soak for 2 hours.Then the coix seed, red bean, longan together into the pot, pour some water, use the fire boil congee, first add brown sugar.

MoFu drink it, tomorrow is better than a

2, motion, avoid sedentary

sports not only can relieve stress, can also speed up the moisture out of the body.Running, walking, swimming and other sports, help to activate blood circulation, strengthen water metabolism in the body.We usually less, eating moderate and high pressure, can cause wet body.And sports can loose body every organ, speed up the moisture out of the body.

MoFu drink it, tomorrow is better than a

third, pay attention to drink water, a day to have enough food quantity

lemon is alkaline food, regular consumption can improve the acidic constitution also can reduce weight.In the summer, lemon bubble water, can also prevent bask in black, but it is better to eat the lemon after don't exposure, because light and citric acid is the chemical reaction will happen.

study, often drink lemonade, not only can prevent disease, still can whitening pale spot, in the home, insist on 15 days, make water habit, in so doing, ensure you don't get sick for a whole year.

summary: MoFu drink it, tomorrow is better than a "panacea", insist on 15 days, disease all go

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