old chap muscle soreness in the emergency room doctor to rescue his wife scold him what a suck!

chap, 28, muscle ache, the doctor in the emergency room to rescue, the wife scold he deserved it!

the middle of the night, a young man came into the emergency room, after seeing a doctor, he is the first sentence, doctor, my whole body pain!

he is called the small, 28 this year, according to him, not bone pain, muscle soreness, and onset very suddenly, is the food taken late at night after half an hour or so.

the doctor raised his head and looked at the young man, he frowned, and the expression of brow is full of suffering, he put his hand over his chest, obviously there's pain is most obvious, he just gently cough, expression on her face was distorted, almost appears to be more severe pain.

a 28-year-old young man, what's the matter with him?

through blood tests, the doctor soon found out the truth, it turns out that the main culprit of a small body muscle soreness is acute rhabdomyolysis syndrome!

the so-called rhabdomyolysis syndrome refers to a series of influence the striated muscle cell membrane, membrane channel, and its energy supply of striated muscle lesions caused by a variety of inherited or acquired diseases, the change of cell membrane integrity, cell contents (e.g., myoglobin, creatine kinase, small molecules, etc.), leakage, accompanied by acute renal failure and metabolic disorders.

the most sudden rhabdomyolysis is systemic muscle pain, tenderness, swelling, and weak muscle involvement, may also have fever, fatigue, white blood cells and neutrophils ratio (or) increases inflammation such as performance, very dark brown or red color of urine.Can appear because of the disease about 30% of acute renal failure, acute renal failure condition when the heavier, oliguria, no urine, and other visible nitrogen qualitative hematic disease.

and the small blood tests suggest that the urea nitrogen and creatinine were significantly increased, and the serious electrolyte disorder, high potassium, myocardial enzymes also appear abnormal, thousands of times more than the normal value, and that everything is in line with the acute rhabdomyolysis.

was diagnosed, the doctor told the small, his condition is very serious, need to immediately notify the family members, and to immediately for hemodialysis, quickly correct acidosis and electrolyte disturbances, timely restore blood flow, reduce muscle damage, correct low blood volume, to prevent infection.

the condition of acute rhabdomyolysis progress very quickly, if not timely, may also have life risk, when the doctor in to rescue rushed to the small wife, listened to the doctor introduction after illness, she first and wept.

because of the small acute rhabdomyolysis is very serious, not only has a potentially deadly, and health care costs also need a lot of, then also need to live in the intensive care unit, further observation and treatment.

the doctor also told, lead to the causes of acute rhabdomyolysis focused mainly has three, the small did three things today, sounds are all very ordinary, but together, is very dangerous move.

chap, 28, muscle ache, the doctor in the emergency room to rescue, the wife scold he deserved it!

first, movement.According to the small private prosecution, after supper he strenuous exercise in the gym for nearly an hour.

second, movement, the small friend make a phone call to let the small to eat food taken late at night, during which he drank a lot of wine.

third, sorching summer, crayfish sales hot season, the small and friends together to eat a lot of crayfish.

the cause of causing rhabdomyolysis is very complex, studies have found that the cause, can have hundreds of common are excessive, alcoholism, muscle crush injury, ischemia, metabolic disorder (hypokalemia, hypothyroidism, diabetic ketoacidosis), extreme temperature (high temperature, low thermal), drugs, poisons, autoimmune, infections, etc.

when in summer, there will be a lot of rhabdomyolysis in patients to see a doctor, many of them are after eating crayfish, the crayfish and the relationship between acute rhabdomyolysis is not particularly clear, the consensus view is caused by allergies, there are also people who believe and wash shrimp powder, lobster contain pathogenic bacteria and so on, also some people think that has nothing to do.

but anyway, after eating crayfish, suffering from acute rhabdomyolysis does appear to be a high proportion of, doctor analysis that may be caused by the comprehensive factors.

after hearing the doctor's explanation, the small wife suddenly stopped crying, and then began to give her husband deserved it, originally the small two times, do not he drinking for a long time, in summer, late at night almost every day, beer.

the wife how to don't listen to, had also placed a malicious words, someday you'll have an accident!

fortunately, through the doctor actively rescue, three days later, the small corner, after this life and death moment, the small sea swear to his wife, don't drink anymore.

chap, 28, muscle ache, the doctor in the emergency room to rescue, the wife scold he deserved it!

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