old man coma suddenly in an emergency room doctor said to rescue his wife want to divorce with him!

30 years old guy suddenly coma, the doctor in the emergency room to rescue, said the wife want to divorce with him!

the middle of the night, outside the emergency room a voice suddenly sounded, a doctor, the doctor come quickly!

when the doctor on duty rushed out of the emergency room, he saw a young guy, lying on the flat wagon he were in a coma, and shortness of breath!

he call xiaomao, 30 years old this year, no one knows what has happened to the young man?By examining the doctor found xiaomao in a deep coma, he couldn't speak, even if just called the doctor's family, has never been explained xiaomao what!

according to xiaomao wife complained, at noon today will find xiaomao wrong, his spirit is very poor, unresponsive, and that nonsense, his wife thought he might work too tired, plus the hot weather, it is heat stroke, so let him have a rest.

but how did not think of his wife, the sleeping xiaomao haven't wake up, wait until his wife discovered, this just dialed an emergency number immediately for help.

as a doctor, run into coma patients, what would you consider?

common cause coma is the etiology of intracranial lesions, such as acute cerebrovascular accident, while multiple in elderly patients with a history of high blood pressure, but young people are also possible.

but the truth really?

if you want to clear intracranial lesions, actually method is very simple, perfect head ct.

but besides intracranial vascular lesions, and there are many diseases can cause, common have low blood sugar, hepatic encephalopathy, various endocrine disease caused by the crisis, according to the disposal process, blood sugar is the first thing to measure.

finger blood sugar is very fast, often for a few seconds can result.

soon, the results surprised the doctor, the 30-year-old young blood sugar was up to 33 tendency/L, so, train of thought in this moment must transform as soon as possible, the main culprit of a xiaomao coma are likely to have diabetes hypertonic coma.

then further ct examination to exclude the intracranial disease, blood results showed significantly higher serum sodium xiaomao, urine negative, ketone body effective plasma osmotic pressure reached 350 mosm/L, suggesting that clearly state of high permeability.

at this point, the diagnosis is clear, the so-called diabetes hypertonic coma is a kind of clinical acute metabolic disorder of diabetes type, with severe high blood sugar, high blood plasma osmotic pressure, dehydration features, no obvious ketoacidosis, patients often have different levels of consciousness or coma.

30 years old guy suddenly coma, the doctor in the emergency room to rescue, said the wife want to divorce with him!

when it comes to this, the new question, why xiaomao, 30, have diabetes, and himself and his family are ignorant?

xiaomao wife complained to the doctor uncovered the truth, the original xiaomao especially like drink carbonated drinks at ordinary times, like high fat and high calorie diet, like smoking, drinking, as for the movement, never.

because long-term unhealthy lifestyle, height 1 meter europebecame xiaomao weight is 200 jins, but his parents in recently have been diagnosed with diabetes.

the comprehensive factors contributed to xiaomao suffer from diabetes, but has not been taken seriously, in fact, six months ago he dry mouth, drink more, polyuria, these are the typical symptoms of diabetes.

after know the truth, xiaomao wife is crying and air, she said she had more than once advised xiaomao, don't drink much carbonated drinks again, but he just wouldn't listen, a suit of smelly trouble, really want to divorce him!

fortunately, through positive rescue, xiaomao temporarily stable life signs, he was sent to endocrinology continue treatment.

how to prevent diabetes?

the first, to develop a healthy lifestyle, don't drink too much carbonated drinks, smoking cessation, exercise more.

second, don't high quantity of heat, high fat diet, delicate give priority to.

third, family genetic history of diabetes, should be checked regularly to the hospital blood lipid, blood sugar.

30 years old guy suddenly coma, the doctor in the emergency room to rescue, said the wife want to divorce with him!

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