why do people blood sugar control well?because they did this to see what time do you do

diabetes is a chronic disease, there is currently no cure medicine, can control the illness through control blood sugar, from this perspective, it is also a kind of lifelong disease.But if good blood glucose control, smooth, is not easy to cause complications, can also be a healthy life.Therefore, control of blood sugar to any one friend is crucial.

daily life, you need to until these little details of control blood sugar :

1, the obese or overweight patients with type 2 diabetes, weight is about 5 ~ 10%, reduce blood sugar can obviously improve, so for them, lose weight, not only appearance beautiful, also about safety.And you want to lose weight, about 2 o 'clock, tube shut up and move around.

why people blood sugar control well? Because they do it at eight o 'clock, see you to do some

2, adhere to the reasonable exercise, in patients with type 2 diabetes can reduce the dosage of the agent, can even without the medication, the illness is lighter, found early diabetic patients, treated by exercise, for example, a 20-minute walk each day, can effectively improve insulin resistance, control blood sugar in normal levels.Life is movement, movement can continue life.

3, reasonable control calorie intake, can better control of blood sugar.Although everyone's specific reaction conditions may be different, but in general, reduce 15 g carbohydrates, blood sugar can reduce the tendency for 1.7 L.Before a meal, in other words, the blood sugar value tendency for 10.0 L, dinner to eat less a meal, or a glass of milk, blood sugar levels close to the tendency for 6.6 L.

4, compared to sports and adjust the diet, medication, though not so "affordable", but the current face two ways can't achieve ideal blood sugar levels, must adjust drug use.Such as increasing the dosage, medication, or add another agent.

why people blood sugar control well? Because they do it at eight o 'clock, see you to do some

5 patients, the use of insulin, blood glucose control is not ideal, will increase the daily injections, but must be done under the guidance of a doctor adjustment in general, a unit of normal insulin can lower blood sugar tendency for 1.7 L.Before a meal, for instance, blood sugar is 10.7 tendency for L, increase 1 unit of insulin, blood sugar came around to tendency for 9.0 L.

but if you are sick of sugar, or sugar, regular exercise will not have such effect.Because was in a state of illness, as a result of insulin resistance to strengthen, the human body needs more insulin;Friends always movement of sugar, because sports can improve insulin sensitivity, the demand of insulin will be reduced.

6, as far as possible to reduce the interference of other diseases, in order to avoid "worse".Although the body against diseases such as colds, infection of a physiological reaction, but adrenaline can cause the human body, blood sugar and also will increase, so, from the point of view of control blood sugar, decrease as far as possible had better.

why people blood sugar control well? Because they do it at eight o 'clock, see you to do some

7, when the blood sugar was beyond the scope of the doctor set, will increase the daily blood glucose monitoring frequency, the best other tests again, until the blood sugar to normal.Every two hours, the best measure once, don't wait for rice point measured again.In addition, when the blood sugar over the tendency for 13.9 / L, also need to test the ketone body, can check urine ketone with test paper, or fingers to measure blood ketone.If the ketone body, should be measured every hour time, until the ketone body disappeared.

8, optimistic, good state of mind is of great help to control blood sugar.Relax myself, regulate mood, can overcome the fear of ill after, as well as the negative mentality, also helps control blood sugar, this rule, is also effective for other chronic diseases.

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