old man years abdominal pain more than doctors don't know why

abdominal pain 33 year old man, six years more than 150 times, doctors don't know why

a lot of people abdominal pain will have a deep-rooted feelings, because the pain sometimes can let a person is not here right now.

in fact, there are many reasons can cause abdominal pain, light such as gastroenteritis and intestinal cramps, heavy, such as, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, mesenteric embolism, even some fatal disease can be abdominal pain as the first symptoms, such as myocardial infarction, aortic dissection, and so on.

life we often meet the abdominal pain are some of the common digestive system disease, diagnosis and treatment is not difficult.The boundless universe, however, can sometimes meet at that time is difficult to diagnosis of disease.

there are so a 33-year-old male patients, the total six years, he almost happened around 150 severe abdominal pain, and that is an average of 2-3 times every month to attack!

he's such a dull pain in the abdominal pain is not visible to our daily, but cry day rob the pain!

it's a fall at noon, a patient is a few friends into the emergency room.When I saw patients with both hands, enfolding her tummy, deeply buried his head into the clothes.

I have been in and nurses will quickly the hem of patients onto the bed: "you exactly where pain?"

patients finally raised his head, but pale face surprised me, then my heart just flashed a bad idea: not is myocardial infarction or aortic dissection?

but patient answer but let me lost themselves, he said as he tossed and turned in bed, I have no matter, this kind of situation has happened more than one hundred times!

after hearing these words, I and the nurse's involuntary think: this kind of intense pain has been more than one hundred times, how is that possible?

because judged according to the common sense, even if only once the severe pain, also can let a person unforgettable good is bound to make a diagnosis and give treatment at any cost, how can still have it happen one hundred times?

but everything has pros and cons of one side, although I at that time were the patient is in the mind, but the myocardial infarction (mi) and aortic dissection can be ruled out for certain, because if it is aortic dissection, or myocardial infarction (mi) patients can't get to the onset of more than one hundred times.

the truth of the matter is never so simple, the nature of it will be beyond your imagination.

the original the 33-year-old male patients in the age of 27, in a drunken intense abdominal pain, began to appear at the local hospital treatment, abdominal CT, gastroscope, scene, tumor index, angiography, blood vessels, such as ultrasonic almost all inspection found no obvious abnormalities.

in six years, almost every month to attack in patients with 2-3 times, each time like struggled on the gate of hell.

this six years, has been carried out in hospitals and patients hospitalized or physical examination, but did not find the problem.This time, because to attend the wedding of the classmate, came to the local, did not think of, it happened abdominal pain again!

"doctor, you are quick to give I use pain injection?"The patient cried.

in fact, I not only the first time for the patients with pain relievers, and because the effect is not ideal, has used a variety of pain relievers!Because is the first time I met such a diagnosis, examination results are completely normal abdominal pain, so even some of the controls.

the nurse secretly said: could it be that drug use?

in the beginning I have actually considered this problem, but from the patient's clothing, speech, basically can be ruled out of this.

it when I had come to the consultation of nerve internal medicine doctor gives constructive Suggestions: use a little stability and try!

and sure enough, after using stable after a few minutes, the symptoms of the patients with abdominal pain and get effective control.

the last 6 years have abdominal pain, successively attacks more than one hundred men were charged into the room, and got a diagnosis: abdominal epilepsy.

by abdominal epilepsy is meant abdominal symptoms as the precursor of temporal lobe epilepsy, generally can be detected with temporal lobe epilepsy patients with special abnormal eeg findings.

since then, for those patients with unexplained abdominal pain, I will involuntarily thought of abdominal epilepsy may!

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