Do the wrong thing, the most easy breast cancer!Youth is about to start against!

if you think that breast cancer only in 50 ~ 60 year old woman, that you are wrong!In recent years, showing the younger trend.Around the age of 40 women is a higher risk of breast cancer, accounting for 30% ~ 40%;Under the age of 30 patients are on the rise.Famous singer Bella died of breast cancer recurrence, once again sounded the alarm of breast cancer.

breast cancer etiology

! Do the wrong thing, the most easy breast cancer is about to start when he was young blowout!

the trend of breast cancer, in general, the cities than in rural areas is more obvious , the reasons why there are two main points:

1) diet is not reasonable. urban women excess nutrients, high protein, high fat diet of bad living habits.Make estrogen has always been maintained at a higher level, stimulate mammary gland hyperplasia, meantime accompanied with the cell mutation.

(2) the abuse of estrogen.Some women very notice to maintain, do not hesitate to taking estrogen or contain estrogen supplements, love with pollen, royal jelly oral liquid, such as nutrition nourishing the body, what does not know, estrogen may induce breast tumor.

preference for breast cancer "three-no"

! Do the wrong thing, the most easy breast cancer is about to start when he was young blowout!

not marriage, fertility, lactation is known as the "three-no" of women, higher risk of breast cancer .

some irregular life of women, the risk of breast cancer is much greater.Many urban women due to the increase in working rhythm speeding up and the life pressure, long-term exposure to negative emotional stimuli, the endocrine system function easily disorder, thus resulting in a decline in immunity and prone to cancer.

prevent breast cancer, start from 5 PM

! Do the wrong thing, the most easy breast cancer is about to start when he was young blowout!

1. Maintain a healthy weight. adipose accumulation is overmuch, estrogen production increase, constantly stimulate mammary gland, as time passes, easy cause breast cancer.

2. To reasonable diet. to eat less Fried, puffing, ice cream, such as oil, fatty foods, don't take medicines and health products, containing estrogen to eat more vegetables, fruits and fish.

3. Learn to relieving stress, keep happy. long-term mental stress, the pressure is too big, can affect endocrine function, cause the hormone secretion disorder, increases the risk of breast cancer.

4. Keep a certain amount of exercise. movement can make women estrogen levels drop, reduce the number of ovulation.Especially abdominal fat accumulation of produce estrogen decreases, the immune system function in good condition.

5. Check regularly.

cancer is one of the few, census on a regular basis, which can improve the of early breast cancer detection .About 70% of women with hyperplasia of mammary glands, but breast lumps are often treated as hyperplasia of mammary glands.Although quiet when such as breast cancer "virgin", but it is moving as tuotu ", also love to run, when the development of tumor, 2 cm, relatively easy to touch, for half of all patients shifted.

advised women to a monthly breast self-exams:

do the wrong thing, the most easy breast cancer! When young will start against!

touch if there is a bump, axillary have swollen lymph nodes;Detect breast pain and discomfort at ordinary times, especially in breast asymmetry, nipple retraction, breast surface appear "dimples" "orange peel" , to sound the alarm for the special, oncology or mammary gland specialized subject doctor check as soon as possible.

in addition, regular physical examination is a doctor has repeatedly stressed.In addition to the regular mammary gland molybdenum palladium X-ray or breast ultrasound, high-risk groups still can do breast mri examination.

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