Seven check of diabetes must do, a lot of people do one!Do you know how many?

many people with diabetes, to go to the hospital to see a doctor, the doctor asked to do some inspection, some patients may not understand: "diabetes blood glucose measurement is ok, why do so many check?"

yes, studied medicine in a friend's eyes, diabetes is not elevated blood sugar?So check the blood sugar is 0 k, really?Of course not, today small make up you and everyone together explain diabetics must often do seven check, don't just check blood sugar so simple!

1. Blood sugar

the first thing to check blood sugar, this is beyond doubt.But you know that the blood sugar has two indicators?

seven check of diabetes must do, a lot of people have done one! You know how many?

(1), fasting plasma glucose (FPG)

refers to at least eight hours of fasting glucose did not eat any food (except water), usually in the morning after the blood determination of blood sugar levels, normal fasting plasma glucose values should be & lt;The tendency for 7.0 L.Fasting glucose is a well reflect the level of insulin secretion index itself, human insulin reserve hypoglycemic ability is very strong, because of affected by food is generally constant, so the value can reflect the features of the pancreatic islet B cells.But if the fasting blood sugar diabetes screening index as the only, can make more than half of diabetics missed diagnosis.

(2), blood sugar 2 hours after meal (P2hPG)

blood sugar 2 hours after meal or eat blood sugar 2 hours after the test, in the morning on an empty stomach eating one of about 100 grams of steamed bread or eating 75 grams of glucose, and then in 2 hours after meal phlebotomize measuring blood sugar, and collect the urine for determination of urine sugar.Normal blood sugar 2 hours after meal should <7.78 tendency/L (140 mg/dL).Blood sugar 2 hours after meal is an important index of islet B cell function, namely, after eating food ability to stimulate pancreatic islet B cells secrete insulin.

2. Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbAlc)

seven check of diabetes must do, a lot of people have done one! You know how many?

glycosylated hemoglobin is understanding diabetes control blood sugar level of a very important indicator.

glycosylated hemoglobin is the product of hemoglobin and blood sugar, is proportional to the concentration of blood glucose, can reflect the glycemic control in patients nearly 8 and 12 weeks, normally 3 months time, measurement is the important basis of disease.

3. The body mass index (BMI)

seven check of diabetes must do, a lot of people have done one! You know how many?

we know have inseparable connection between obesity and diabetes, obesity is one of the important cause of diabetes, BMI is currently on the international commonly used an important index to measure the degree of body fat.If bmi exceeds bid will lose weight into the trip.

4. Blood pressure

diabetes is associated with high blood pressure is obvious.The study found that the prevalence of diabetes patients with high blood pressure is 1.7 times that of normal people and diabetic patients with hypertension disease appeared ten years earlier than normal.Diabetic patients with high blood pressure are more likely to happen around myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident, microvascular lesion, etc.Therefore, patients with diabetes regularly measuring blood pressure is very necessary.

5. Renal

seven check of diabetes must do, a lot of people have done one! You know how many?

diabetic kidney failure is the most common chronic complications of diabetes, especially in diabetes for many years.Blood sugar is too high, can cause abnormal biochemical composition of glomerulus, lead to plasma protein leakage, the formation of glomerular sclerosis, promote the development of diabetes, renal failure.As a result, people with diabetes must regularly check kidney function, so as to find the occurrence of complications, timely take measures.Liver function


diabetics due to insufficient insulin secretion or relative lack of easy to cause the liver protein, lipid metabolic disorders, such as easy to cause fatty liver, formation of diabetic fatty liver.But control diabetes reasonably can improve the prognosis of patients with fatty liver.

understand the basis of liver, kidney, and conducive to the choice of drugs.

7. Fundus examination

seven check of diabetes must do, a lot of people have done one! You know how many?

the insulin hormone and cell metabolic abnormalities in diabetic patients, may cause eye tissue, nerves and blood vessels microcirculation, eye nutrition and visual function damage, easy to cause the macula and retinal pathological changes, serious when can cause blindness.

but no symptoms of early diabetic retinopathy, fundus examination is the main means in the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy.

well, said so much you remember?All in all, any disease is not a single, is often accompanied by a lot of lesions of the system, and even complications, therefore, must listen to the doctor!

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seven check of diabetes must do, a lot of people have done one! You know how many?

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