Alert at night to eat three taboos

alert at night to eat three taboos

a, forbidden to eat too much dinner: dinner eat less risk of early stone

dinner eat early is a good way to medical experts recommend to people's health.Studies show that early dinner can significantly reduce the incidence of urinary stones disease.

alert at night to eat three taboo

the peak discharge calcium often 4, 5 hours after eating, if too late supper, when calcium peak arrival, people have to go to bed to sleep, urine retention in ureter, bladder and urethra in the urinary tract, not out of the body in time, cause the calcium in urine increased, easy to form small crystals deposited, over time, gradually expand the stone formation.So, dinner around 6 o 'clock in the evening more appropriate.

2, forbidden too meat for dinner: dinner is a cancer

must be partial, dinner is given priority to with foods rich in carbohydrates, and protein, fat, the less you eat, the better.If eat too much fat, can make the blood fat rise.Research data show that people often eat non-vegetarian meals than vegetarian dinner of hematic fat is 2-3 times higher.Carbohydrates can be generated in the human body more serotonin, give play to the role of tranquilize mind, for insomnia is especially useful.

but in real life, because most abundant family dinner preparation time, eat rich, so bad for your health.According to scientific research reports, dinner eat plenty of high protein foods such as meat, eggs, milk, will increase the amount of calcium in the urine, on the one hand, reduces the calcium is stored in the body, induce rickets in children and adolescent myopia and it years in osteoporosis;On the other hand urine calcium concentration is high, the possibility of suffering from urinary stones disease will be greatly improved.In addition, excessive intake of protein, the body to absorb the will in intestinal tract, goes bad, produce the toxins such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, inducing cancer in stimulate the intestinal wall.

three, forbidden too full for dinner: dinner eat less sleep good

alert at night to eat three taboo

compared with breakfast, lunch, dinner should eat less at night without other activities, or the meal time late, if too much for dinner, can cause high cholesterol, stimulate the liver more low density and low density lipoprotein, causes hardening of the arteries;Dinner is too full for a long time, repeatedly stimulating insulin secretion, often cause insulin beta cell failure in advance, and buried the bane of diabetes.

summer dinner what to eat best to the body

summer heat, loss of appetite, there will always be a lot of people don't know what to eat also know how to eat, will be good to the body, if you don't eat will have a bad impact on the body, on the night of sleep quality also has a bad influence, so in appetite night we should eat what is good?

if dinner a lot of eating too much meat, fat, such as food, immediately after sleep, food in the stomach digestion time will slow down, it will aggravate the burden of gastrointestinal function, which affects the quality of sleep.Therefore, dinner eat less as far as possible, give priority to with delicate food, had better to sleep again after 1 hour after the meal.

alert at night to eat three taboo

after entering the summer, nightlife is very rich and colorful, when people go out to play, always feel a little hungry, so you go to bed not knowing, at this time can eat some snacks, drink a cup of yoghurt appropriately, avoid overeating.

if you want to sleep, had better not to drink and eat before sleeping coffee, cola and strong tea and other caffeinated beverages or food.Because caffeine stimulates the nervous system, causing breathing and heart rate, blood pressure, energy, and these food will also reduce the production of melatonin, and melatonin is precisely has a hypnotic effect.

in addition, also do not excessive drinking before going to bed, although there is a certain calm effect small amounts of alcohol, but sleep quality has remained at shallow sleep period, wake up and feel whole body uncomfortable.

in addition, dinner excessive consumption of hot pepper, garlic, onion, such as hot and spicy food, can cause heartburn and indigestion, it will also affect the quality of sleep.

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