Eating fish taboo People never know to buy the 6 types of fish to eat

fish is very common ingredients in our life, but the illness, we should pay attention to not all the fish is harmless to health, and some will harm our health, so what are taboo fish?What kind of fish can't eat?Pick the fish should pay attention to what?Today is to introduce for everybody!

1, the cafeteria of the cod

the buffet inside an unlimited supply of cod don't eat, you want to several dozens yuan buffet eat cod hundreds of yuan, can for you?So be aware!

however, this is not the most important.Aquatic products business, said part of the cafeteria will be dragon cod was put on the table.But the dragon cod is not in the true sense of cod, commonly known as the "oil fish", eat after the wax fat cannot be absorbed by human body, the body will it come out again, it's easy to have a "bottom oil", have loose bowels.Our country is a ban on sales.

2, cafeteria salmon

taboo to eat fish Know people never buy this 6 types of fish to eat

in the first place, it is doubtful that cheap salmon, because salmon generally imported from abroad, every 500 grams, starting at about one hundred yuan of above.Trout fish like salmon color, but the price is only 30 yuan per kilogram.

second, cafeteria "salmon" poor sanitation, such as ice, there is no replacement of pollution by consumers, fish, frozen in place causes such as parasites.

3, fish soft frozen fish

aquatic quotient, said some individual larger fish, very few people will buy the whole article, especially deep sea fish, after the water will die.For this, will adopt the method of cutting, frozen, so that the sales, transportation.

however, the fish are easy to be repeated thawing, causing fish loose, and repeated thawing process, the fish will occur oxidation, bacteria breeding, cause fish go bad.

4, bulging belly of the dead fish

fish belly drum up, do not have to buy to eat the fish, the fish are mostly to die, sometimes businesses in order to make it back, will sell the fish to you.

taboo to eat fish Know people never buy this 6 types of fish to eat

because, fish in a period of time after death, belly will because the bacteria breeding, inflation.If it is under the condition of the hot weather, but also damaged, pop phenomenon happens.This fish has a peculiar smell, not only bacteria and toxins are also very much.

5, the scales of incomplete fish

scales incomplete, on the one hand by collision in transit.On the other hand shows that fish storage time longer, or skin infection, cause scales fall off.

6, smelly fish

said he had no matter to also will aquatic fishing or buy wild fish, but never to factory at the edge of the pond.Some of petrol, kerosene, pungent smell of wild fish, he never eat, because these fish are contaminated.Would rather eat farmed, don't eat them.

choose fish should pay attention to what the

1. See how the elasticity of the fish, fresh fish fingers press the fish, it is elastic, life can be to pay attention to this!

2. Look at the anus of the fish.New fresh fish belly is normal, not inflation, anus for white, concave shape.On the contrary, the stomach expansion, anus hole is outstanding, that isn't fresh.

3. Buy a fish, attention should be paid to see the integrity of the fish, and whether the fish is loose.At the same time, he also said that buy to catch fish, aquatic product market of the fish are fresh in the morning, less dead fish.

fish diet taboo

1, fasting eat fish - lead to "gout"

in the diet (diet) growing trend today, many people like to eat only food don't eat, fasting eat fish more commonplace, but it is likely to lead to gout attacks.Gout is caused by the purine metabolic disorder of blood uric acid increases with the tissue damage caused by disease.While most of the fish itself is rich in purines, if contain purine fish intake on an empty stomach, but not enough to break down carbohydrates, the body acid-base balance disorders, easy to cause gout or exacerbate gout patients condition.

2, eat raw fish - a "liver fluke disease"

a lot of people like the fresh raw fish delicious, but eat raw fish fillet is bad for the liver, vulnerable to liver fluke disease, and even induce liver cancer.

taboo to eat fish Know people never buy this 6 types of fish to eat

according to nutrition and health expert introduction, liver fluke disease of liver lesions on a kind of parasitic diseases, people by eating raw or half-cooked containing live liver trematode capsule larva of freshwater fish and freshwater snails infected rate is extremely high, at present our country in the southern province of guangdong alone millions of patients with liver fluke, many of whom are infected because of the raw fish and shrimp.

the clinical symptoms with fatigue, epigastric discomfort, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, liver area ache, hepatomegaly, dizziness and other more common, serious infection in the late can cause liver cirrhosis ascites, and even death.

3, live now eat - toxin harm body

it is generally thought to eat fish as fresh as possible, so live like kill to eat, now think in this way can we ensure that the fish is delicious and nutrition.But this is actually a misunderstanding.Regardless of whether they are farm raised fish or wild fish, contained some toxic substances.

kill to eat, live fish toxic substances in the body are often not completely ruled out, isn't completely dead fish parasites and bacteria, these toxin is likely to cause harm to the body.

taboo to eat fish Know people never buy this 6 types of fish to eat

in addition, live to kill now eat fish protein not completely decomposed, inadequate nutrition, taste is not the best.

4, good at do not eat fish bile - detoxification against poisoning

fish bile is blindly Chinese traditional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine used to treat bi, evil eye totally pain, throat sore and so on.

and circulated fish bile can qingrejiedu, eyesight cough, so although fish bile and bitter, always someone.Good at eating fish bile is extremely dangerous and easy to cause poisoning or even life-threatening.

the expert points out, the fish bile contains water-soluble "carp alcohol sodium sulfate" and other toxins with strong toxicity, these toxins to heat, and not damaged by alcohol, and whether the fish bile cooked, eat, or take with wine, all can happen poisoning.

fish gall bladder poisoning disease quickly, sinister, case fatality rate is high.Poisoning is light person characterized by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, severe cases will have hepatomegaly, jaundice, liver area tenderness, oliguria or urine, kidney area knocking pain and other symptoms, if you don't timely rescue, can cause liver and kidney function failure until death.And patients poisoning degree, usually associated with fish gall bladder bile much so swallowed a big fish bile poisoning occurred more often.

epilogue: some of life is not very healthy, eat may do harm to our health, so what can't eat fish?What kind of fish may do harm to our health?Everyone looked at the small make up to introduce all know!Hope that the introduction of the small make up can help to you!

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