Notoginseng series for long-term use may cause disease


with the popularity of healthy knowledge, "Chinese medicine" is also more and more be favorred.Many people since the "health", open and sharing.

"notoginseng powder" is in recent years in one of the folk popular pet health products.With long-term use of low-dose aspirin is put forward in the modern medicine can prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, the influence of many of the traditional Chinese medicine huoxue medicine notoginseng and aspirin drunbility, thinks it has the effect of aspirin to prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, also won't appear of adverse drug reactions of aspirin.

but "notoginseng" is medicine, not food, "long-term use can have no disease prevention" ideas may be caused by the adverse consequences of drug poisoning.

notoginseng long-term use

possible pathogenic

someone say seven is medicine and food, this is not correct.Notoginseng is not food, it is the traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, have the effect of the scattered stasis hemostasis, acetanilide detumescence, should be "as the card to use the medicine".

notoginseng, also known as panax notoginseng, voice, notoginseng, etc, mainly produced in yunnan, guangxi and other places in China, the root is ground into a powder, it is the well-known notoginseng powder.

notoginseng series - long term usage can be pathogenic img_height

notoginseng series - long term usage can be pathogenic img_height

notoginseng taste sweet, bitter, temperature, usually used to treat a variety of in vivo and in vitro bleeding symptoms, such as vomiting blood and coughing up blood, stool, postpartum bruise, trauma, hemorrhage, bleeding for both stasis is more appropriate.

in usage, notoginseng can swallow, to strengthen hemostatic effect, but also compatibility of hemostatic drugs;For traumatic hemorrhage, notoginseng can topical hemostatic.Because it has the effect of huoxue pain, can also be used for injuries, hemostasis swelling pain.

but yourself when the "doctor" with notoginseng cure, cure "disease", listen to other people's "experience" long-term consumption of notoginseng, these will cause the consequences of drug abuse.

notoginseng series - long term usage can be pathogenic img_height

once recorded in ancient books: "if the consumptive blood loss, the loss of the exhaust of Yin and Yang, more when they found the source, if use the drug, the scourge of AIDS is".Therefore, notoginseng ban, Yin and Yang are used to broadcast nearly eviscerated, loss of exhaust conditions.That is to say, if the source of blood stasis, deficiency of qi and blood, Yin jin loss, don't go to supplement qi and Yin jin, and use notoginseng powder is invalid, also easy to hurt Yin jin (fluids) of the body.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, Yin jin is insufficient, can lead to internal heat flourishing, namely "internal heat" or "inside fire".With warm, easy injury body fluid and notoginseng, improper use can cause Yin deficiency.

internal and can hairdressing to raise colour

not believe

the rational use of notoginseng, must first understand the sexual flavour to the and efficacy of notoginseng, to achieve the prevention and cure, otherwise is pathogenesis and disease.The key is to be under the guidance of TCM theory, by the combination of traditional Chinese medicine users syndromes or constitution to choose suitable medicines.

now, there are a lot of people because I heard notoginseng powder can hairdressing to raise colour and follow suit.

notoginseng series - long term usage can be pathogenic img_height

the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks "functions" means through dredging meridians, regulate qi and blood, the blood running smooth, achieve the goal of nutrition, soft skin.Qi and blood stasis, meridian impassability, performance for chloasma, age spots and wrinkles on the skin, if apply will has the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine for activating blood circulation on the local or lesions in the skin, can improve the microcirculation of the blood flow, help organization cell metabolism.Therefore, notoginseng powder as the main material of mask, theoretically improve skin metabolism, the role of beauty bright skin.

notoginseng series - long term usage can be pathogenic img_height

notoginseng series - long term usage can be pathogenic img_height

but in internal treatment, notoginseng powder is skin disease of blood deficiency and blood stasis type, such as haze shading, sallow complexion, with treatment and toning effect.But for the patients with deficiency of qi and blood type is not suitable.Therefore, whether can hairdressing to raise colour still need due to illness vary, vary from person to person.And modern traditional Chinese medicine thinks, taking notoginseng on that day, and cold food should be avoiding fava beans, fish and acid.

in fact, all drugs are biased by drugs to treat diseases.Drugs partial sex refers to sexual flavour, classics, lift off and toxic, nontoxic, etc.If abused, it will not only bring benefits, lead to discomfort.Without doctor syndrome differentiation is to take the medicine, not become a "good medicine".Use each kind of drugs, needs to be combined with the patient's own treatment is given.Regions (Ren Zhixiong, airlines, China medical university general hospital, director of Chinese medicine Dr)

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