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don't have sex digital pressure

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in the husband and wife life, many husbands are pay attention to the number of sex, see it as a matter of "man" had the big problem.

you may have seen on the Internet such a formula:

the spread of the Internet sex first x = age 9

20 to 29 years old, sex formula for 2 x = 9, 18 representative for his/her sexual frequency over eight times sex for 10 days;

30 ~ 39 years old, sex formula for 3 x 9 = 27, namely 20 days 7 times sex.

40 ~ 49 years of age, sex, formula for 4 x 9 = 36, 6 times within 30 days or sex.

so on.

some people laugh, some people accordingly.

Mr. Zhang, 35, in your wedding; make love 4 times in a rowThe next day by half;Although fully occupied on the third day, barely sex 1 times;The fourth and fifth day, unable to "recover".Since then no matter how hard he tried, gradually reduced to 1 week, 1 month and a half months or even one.Get married after three months, has been basically can't normal sex...

investigate its reason, is a frequent sex, vigor, is still reluctant to anxiety, more heavy mental burden and the result of fatigue.

a few days a good? HMM... you happy good a few days a good? HMM... you happy good

cannot and published online as the international standard of "sexual frequency formula" too truer.

sexual frequency is closely related with age, but also because of different RACES, different regions, different social and cultural background, and personal health and psychological state.

poorer health, couples sex life to appropriate less.

suffering from chronic diseases (hepatitis, nephritis, chronic bronchitis, hypertension, diabetes, etc.), frequency of sexual intercourse will prompt relapse or illness;

even young body health, strong couple, also should pay attention to the "wedding night do not repeatedly, honeymoon period shoulds not be every day".Sex, will only be "no".

a person's sexual behavior by the social ideology, culture accomplishment and many other biological factors, more the atmosphere of the environment and the influence of personal feelings, is randomness on the basis of the two sides in the emotional behavior.

as long as it can make both parties get satisfaction, which is a natural harmony.

if to count the frequency of their sex, age, the many, many times, how many days to every one, the provisions of the machinery, can only be lost as the sex of sex.

in the sexual content fullness, rather than how much the number of times.As long as they see fit, feel happy and energetic after sex, harmonious relationship, the second day does not feel physical and mental fatigue, is appropriate.

a few days a good? HMM... you happy good

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a few days a good? HMM... you happy good

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