Everyone have clearing damp "switch", open the can platoon is wet poison, no wet, out of danger

how many people will feel sleep all sleep not to wake, hair, face is easy to give oil, defecate, gooey like always not clean, no appetite, but also more fat...Open a mouth look like, will find that very white coating on the tongue, tongue and teeth marks on both sides, the performance of this is typical in humid!

don't look down upon moisture is heavy, it will be for us the various parts of the body, there is an old saying called "thousand easy cold, the addition of a wet difficult. Wet sticky material, such as oil into the surface."Wet with cold and dampness, with hot is hot and humid, with the wind called rheumatism, is with them in wet heat.The origin, not eat supplements, drugs are more like the tap, the hills with beef.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the spleen health, wet since.So clearing damp spleen, we can open the following these clearing damp "switch", spleen to remove moisture.

clearing damp phlegm switch The spleen and stomach qi activity, clearing damp phlegm

efficacy: two viscera of spleen and stomach have good control effect, is the main points of the desiccant expectorant, and have to reconcile, stomach qi, qi and blood tonic to awake brain nerves, and so on.

everyone on some clearing damp

find: hong leong, anterior lateral crus, external ankle top 8", is apart from the tibia front two horizontal refers to.

: press with thumb or finger joint point between the hole 3 minutes, and then clockwise rubbing points for about 5 minutes.

spleen and spleen and stomach and switches with wet, the water drop inverse

efficacy: any causes of spleen and stomach weak, transport and disturbance, are often primarily in the desirable modulation.

everyone on some clearing damp

find: chung wan acupuncture point, in the upper abdomen, the center of the former line, on navel 4 inches.

: with fingers or palms root clockwise rubbing two to five minutes.

the spleen wet switch Regulate spleen and stomach, hydrophobic weathered wet, foster the

efficacy: three mile is a strong body and mind of big hole, a hydrophobic weathered wet, regulate the body's immunity, regulate the function of spleen and stomach.

everyone on some clearing damp

find: foot three mile, outside genu 3 inch, one transverse tibial front.

: with thumb clockwise rubbing or pressing the acupuncture point 5-8 minutes, to the local have acid bilges feeling is preferred.

drain wet heat switch Been used, e. qi

efficacy: li 11 point is e. wet polluted gas gathering place, is this hole for hand yangming e. economic cooperation, can clear the hot and humid, regulate large intestine qi and blood, urticaria, acute gastroenteritis caused by "hot" effect is very good.

everyone on some clearing damp

find: li 11 holes, elbow flexion in full, is located at the lateral end of elbow horizontal grain.

: with the thumbs abdomen points massage the acupuncture point 2-5 minutes, can also be local skin flap together the four fingers point to reddish.

in humid seven parts of the body is the most injured

moisture is "the evil of all evil", when cold is cold dampness, when they are heated in hot and humid, meet the wind to rheumatism, the three "wet" invades the body, easy to cause the digestive tract, urinary tract, and skin, and other parts of the problem.

1, the digestive tract: affect appetite, don't want to eat, there will be bad breath, defecate, easy to stick the toilet.

2, urinary system: moisture inside body is heavy, and the less water, urine eduction not free, easy to cause urinary tract infections.

3, skin: will stimulate the skin moisture heat dissipation, burden, immunity decreases.Therefore, acne, dermatitis, eczema, tinea uninvited.

4, joint: moisture intrusion, joints, joint pain, heavy, adverse events, pain is fixed.

everyone on some clearing damp

5, head: moisture intrusion, head appear giddy, feel sleepy, head is heavy as wrapped.

6, the chest: moisture retention, the chest, appear bosom frowsty, stomach bilges.

7, lower limbs: moisture go down, can appear the symptom such as lower extremity edema, beriberi.

moisture heavy don't look at these to identify

taken a look at the form:

in the inspection of traditional Chinese medicine "fat person many phlegmy wet, thin people much deficiency fire", partial fat person to Yang deficiency, phlegm wet more physical.

u 2 see tongue:

red moss yellow greasy, wet and heat are common tongue tongue baby fat is cold dampness, tongue edge there are teeth marks, white greasy moss.

painted three see shit:

normal shit is golden yellow, cylinder, very smooth, the toilet in one of two pieces of toilet paper can wipe clean.If they do not have the thin stool, gooey, forming, and easy to stick in the urinal is hard to wash away, and there is always a shit never-failing feeling, there may be in the wet.

u 4 look up state :

some after getting up in the morning, I feel sleepy, head heavy, like something wrapped, let a person can't brace, and phlegm, namely explain moisture inside body is heavy.

everyone on some clearing damp

u five look normal state:

a big, outdoor humidity feel chest condition, heavy body, lazy, not awake, loss of appetite at dinner.Speak Chinese medicine "moisture as wrapped", a kind of be wrapped, can't move feeling to the feeling of the moisture of the body, as if wearing a water washed but didn't dry the shirt so awkward.

finish see this article, finally know, originally the moisture can also affect so many parts of the body, it doesn't seem that the origin, in addition to the body.So, be sure to use good clearing damp switch on our body, quick with his family, open them, get rid of wet poison, no wet, out of danger!

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