Winter disease summer, once a year, learn a few action, rooted out!

after the summer, the weather is getting hot, summer winter disease cure you keep up with the rhythm?

a lot of people think that winter disease summer is stickers three lie down, actually otherwise.

what winter disease summer treat?How to use the 90 days this summer for a carefree, health of the whole winter!?

winter disease summer treat summer treat principle

winter is used as a disease is more cold sex disease, such as asthma, cough, arthritis, etc.Because weak sun be the spirit, the body can't fight invaded, solid surface, lead to resistance decreased obviously, invaded by leaching and pathogenesis, easily invaded by priming the body for up to pathogens and pathogenesis.Under this trend, the body is given priority to with keep upright.

TCM holds that human and nature is a unified whole, namely "nature and humanity", in the summer sun be the spirit of popular hair, under the sun be the spirit of the driving force, cold coagulation qi in the body is in a state of easy solution, then cooperate with such as traditional Chinese medicine in the cold temperature, the converging attack, the easiest way to wipe out of winter disease evil in a dormant state.This "winter disease summer treat.

winter disease in summer, once a year, learn a few action, rooted out!

most people thought the winter disease summer treat is three "lie down", but its content is very broad, from the diet to the herb tea party, all aspects of adjustment will be twice the result with half the effort.

common winter disease have?

common cold sex disease have?Clinical common diseases are as follows:

1, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic cough, obstructive emphysema and pulmonary interstitial disease, pulmonary dysfunction, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, respiratory system diseases such as easy to catch a cold.

2, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, ankylosing spondylitis, wind raw sex osteoarthritis, cervical vertebra and lumbar degenerative diseases such as rheumatism disease.

3, chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic laryngitis, pharynx sense of vision disorder (plum nuclear gas), otolaryngology disease such as tonsillitis.

4, chilblain, dysmenorrhea and other cold sex disease.

it is important to note that the skin conditions such as eczema, urticaria, beriberi can sun be the spirit at the same time with the aid of the outside world, push the evil out of the table, is also a good time to treatment.

in addition, the idea of trail by the party is "cold" represents the function of stagnation, the stagnation of the disease at the end of the day's all because of a variety of functions, so the warm days, for the rehabilitation is a good time to disease.

winter disease summer treat exactly how to do?

a, generation of tea

dried ginger (v) ginger tea, is the first for dried ginger, boil dry ginger water bubble tea to drink.

the direct generation of tea a day to go, do not need to have any particular conditions, the sun be the spirit ventilation to help less cold in winter.Summer sun be the spirit, there is nothing wrong with winter ~

2, moxibustion CV 8 point

CV 8, also is the belly button, can communicate with the outside world energy meridians is the human body, can absorb a good energy, will be invaded by pathogenic factors, so the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is opposed to wear a leak umbilical suit.

moxibustion the acupuncture point, half an hour to an hour a day, pay attention to before and after moxibustion drink gruel, soup.

winter disease in summer, once a year, learn a few action, rooted out!

three, navel

umbilical method can use temperature ~

article from drugstore buy moxa leaf or moxa moxa, Chinese prickly ash and longan, slightly a little bit wide medical adhesive.


1. The Chinese prickly ash crushed standby,

2. Pick the one yuan coin size of folium artemisiae argyi, rub into the moxa, or use moxa

3. Take a longan shell go nuclear, the longan pulp directly by hand to tear into small pieces.

4. Moxa, right amount of Chinese prickly ash mixed with longan pulp

5. Into the belly button with medical tape sticking with respect to OK (suggest) is used before sleeping.

a as long as a fingernail, can cover the belly button, the remaining until the next day, will not affect the effect.

umbilical method after defecate increase, with warm smell, thirsty, sleep more, is a good phenomenon.Four herb tea,

recommended by party - four decoction

the original square: four inverse soup 2 two main liquorice, dried ginger, a two and a half, gave birth to a lateral root of aconite

reference dose: 15 g dried ginger 24 g lateral root of aconite main licorice 30 g a dose of

water decoction, turn the fire to boil small fire, and cook for 50 minutes, a dose of 2-3 times, a 200-300 ml.

winter disease in summer, once a year, learn a few action, rooted out!

4 decoction is Lord Mr Xiao Yang back to save the inverse square, flexible application, to restore the body on the table and in function.Warming meridians of aconite meridians, dried ginger, to provide the pathway, lateral root of aconite party in the main dosage of licorice, most main licorice have the effect of the retention of body fluid.

can not find a good Chinese medicine?Study of traditional Chinese medicine as oneself!

winter disease summer, once a year, learn a few action, rooted out!

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